How have UEFA and other organisations responded to new European Super League plans?

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UEFA, The Premier League, The FA and many European football clubs have responded to new propsals for a European Super League.

Organisers behind the failed European Super League have revealed plans for a new competition that features promotion and relegation.

It comes after judges said UEFA rules blocking the formation of such a competition were contrary to EU law.

The initial plan for a European Super League was met with widespread fury when it was announced in April 2021 and included Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City.

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00:00 – UEFA and FIFA acted unlawfully blocking European Super League
01:24 – A22 proposal
03:15 – Pep Guardiola reaction
03:53 – Manchester United response
04:29 – Unai Emery reaction
05:30 – The Premier League and FA statements
07:03 – Sky’s Geraint Hughes provides updates
08:27 – UEFA President response
09:23 – Backlash to A22 proposals
11:07 – PSG president comments
12:30 – ‘British clubs will be unable to join by law’
14:54 – FIFA statement
15:30 – Atletico Madrid statement
16:00 – Bayern Munich comments
16:30 – Big moment for football say Barcelona and Real Madrid presidents
18:25 – Inter Milan statement

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36 thoughts on “How have UEFA and other organisations responded to new European Super League plans?

  1. The structure of the Superleague is better than the UEFA's so they want to do everything possible to stop it by spreading false information to the public about the Superleague.

    Football is all about entertainment and money. FIFA expanding Club world cup and UEFA expanding the Champions League clearly shows that they want money 😂
    The Superleague will help the teams very much in terms of their finances.
    The monopoly in football must stop.

  2. Ita just a money thing. Let Barca and Madrid play each other home and away each Season, all season. The winning team gets free tickets to watch the Champions League Final just to show there are no hard feelings.

  3. The former Bayern president Rumminegge summed this up the best when he said the Super League is just about Real Madrid and Barcelona, trying to create an opposing competition to EPL to try and get bigger TV money because they fear they are being left behind by the Premier League.

  4. In the words of the ECJ, there is a anti-competition aspect to the governance of the ECJ and should countries wish to to create a Super European Court of Justice, they would be perfectly allowed to.

  5. This only strengthens the Spanish side. Why would Premier League fans want to strengthen Barcelona and Real Madrid any further? From a viewership pov why would you want to watch a match with ingame ads?

    The thing i want the most isnt Super League. It's the ability to watch every match my club(Man Utd) competes in.

  6. This uefa ceo is liar they afraid of the club wil leave champion league which uefa monopoly for ages, theyhave competition now like any other sport, this is good for us, uefa & fifa are corrupt monopoy.

  7. Hmm, addressing the issues. Issue 1 – Everyone and everything involves too much money. Scale down the money, by 90% at the top level. Issue 2 – The same clubs appearing in the CL again and again is boring, much more churn required. Make it a level playing field the same qualifying process for all clubs in the CL. There you go, no Super League needed to address the issues.

  8. A maximum transfer fee of £20 million, a maximum 0.5% rate for football agents, a maximum earnings level for all working for FIFA UEFA etc, a maximum wage for players in the top leagues.

  9. 😂😂😂😂 Talk as much you can becarefull if the Prince of Saudi Arabian come around then wil see if you stil if that oil money comes around GO SUPER GO SUPER LEAGUE LEAVE THIS DUMB PEOPLE THAT DON'T WANT FOOTBALL BE FREE

  10. Regardless of how the Super League will go, UEFA and Fifa are organisations that are corrupted. Despite football being more popular than basketball on an international scale, football still generate less revenue for the clubs. It shows that these organisations capped so much profit for their own benefits, partner with dirty money countries and questionable referreing. There is a need for more competition to renovate or take down UEFA and Fifa, not necessarily through the Super League though.

  11. The ESL is the answer against UEFA's new championgs league and FIFA's new club world cup. Players are like slaves under these 2 governing bodies. I rather have the clubs just play the domestic league and the european super league, and drop everything else.

  12. football is becoming boring so we need competitions like this, the uefa champions league would be inferior to this superior and most magnificent football competition ever proposed

  13. The most glaring flaw in the Super League concept is the absence of a relegation system. This omission strikes at the very heart of what makes football so captivating and dynamic. The presence of relegation in football adds a layer of suspense and competition, ensuring that every match matters and that teams must consistently perform to stay at the top. This principle of merit-based competition is fundamental to the sport's identity and appeal.

    In contrast, if the Premier League had adopted a similar model in 1992, establishing a closed league with permanent members and no relegation, its success and popularity might have been significantly diminished. The integration with the Championship and the fluidity of teams moving between divisions based on performance is a key aspect of English football's charm and success. This system maintains a high level of competitiveness and unpredictability, which is essential for engaging fans and preserving the sport's integrity.

  14. If they make it easier to get tickets for low budget families who struggle financially to attend games it can't be a bad thing 💁🏼‍♂️

    I'm a massive arsenal fan and I can't afford tickets 😫 I really wish I could but I can't.

  15. we already have a packed calendar and clubs have been moaning about the amount of games they play , so their solution is add another competition

  16. "FIFA/UEFA didn't liked/supported it" bla bla bla. and yet to this day, no sanction whatsoever towards Barca/Madrid. infact they've been favor/given lately in any of their related awards. just bunch of BS. Prem owner is so idiot for sticking with these guys when they clearly anti-PL growth. England could just create NBA of Soccer by themself but apparently they're too scared?

  17. There's no doubt in my mind that Football being 'free' is the very opposite of what the ESL has in mind. JP Morgan aren't investing £3-5bn for no reason and TV rights are a huge source of income. The very reason RM & Barca are still pushing so hard is because the EPL is streaks ahead of La Liga in TV revenues.

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