“He is the 2nd best goalkeeper in the Premier League” – Erik ten Hag defends Andre Onana

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has defended under-fire Andre Onana and insisted the Cameroon international is among the best goalkeepers in the Premier League.

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43 thoughts on ““He is the 2nd best goalkeeper in the Premier League” – Erik ten Hag defends Andre Onana

  1. I was taking Eric as smart coach until i see the relationship of him and onana.Even the reasonable goalkeeper cant do that mistake , completely he is far from normal goalkeeping. The relationship of Eric and onana kills red devils ….

  2. How hilarious ,second best in premier league second worst in champions league. Ten Hag is a jock he paid the millions for a champions league finalist only for him to later come and leave at the group stage. He must have eye sight problems or something wrong with his thinking capacity.

  3. Not one team in the league would swap their goalkeeper for Onana 🤣🤣🤣 Awful manager. He's getting sacked soon! Out of his depth, poor signings, and terrible/boring football. 😂😂😂😂

  4. James Carragher is a Liverpool supporter and wants to reignite hatred against Manchester United. It is like many of the Football pundits. They never played at Manchester United but lost heavily to Manchester United who won many trophies for their club. Then these Football Pundits for their Clubs.

    Andre Onana is a proven goalkeeper who has won the home league and cups for other clubs in Europe and the run-up medal for the Champions League. Consider the hardest cup to win.

    His record speaks for itself. The weakness in Manchester United is not in the Goalkeeper but in another area of the starting 11. To make the Premier League back to the 2/3 team that is always expected to win the League.

  5. Typical uneducated fans jumping to conclusions when they see a mistake

    CL form has been poor but he has the most clean sheets in the PL and send in the stat in the video

    United midfield are so loose and defence consists of Maguire and lindelof still

    Watch the four four two video about him that just got posted

  6. Leave our brother Onana alone.

    He made mistakes, criticize him in good faith of course (his UCL perfomance against the Turks was shambolic) but that doesn't now mean he's a terrible keeper. So ETH is perfectly correct in his statements. Statistically he's done his job in the EPL (which is the bulk of the season). Why don't Y'all wanna talk about that before calling him a terrible keeper?

    Personally I think he's being heavily criticized becuz he isn't white. That's right. If you're not white and earn a position that was once occupied by a white man, you have to be perfect otherwise you're the worst employee to ever be hired for the job. You have to work twice as hard to get what somebody else does with half your effort.

    Yeah I said it, Y'all are racist. In fact you're prolly too racist to even try and look at the possible legitimacy of this statement but its true. Onana OVERALL isn't perfoming any worse than De Gea did in the No.1 position despite his shakey start, & he's a thousand times better on the ball. So he's an objective upgrade. Yet here you are, leading a hate campaign against the man just because a bunch of has-been footballers who think football should be like in the 90s have a hate boner for him. You're both racist & gullible. You honestly think your hatred for Onana was organically developed instead of being astroturfed by washed up players passed their prime. Give yourself a chance.

    Look, dunk on him for the Galatasaray perfomance. He absolutely deserves it, they lost because of that second goal from Hakim that he let in easily. No elite goalkeeper should be bleeding goals like that under any circumstances. He needs to get back to the basics instead of trying to make simple saves look world class. But even with that said, even Goalkeepers of that level are human. Onana himself is proof of that. So like Allison & even Ederson, he makes mistakes that lead to goals, so WHAT? Why didn't Y'all dunk on Allison for passing thr ball to Ake, which led to him assisting Haaland's goal? I know why and you know it too. His appearance on the outside, nothing more.

    Fair enough he has to earn the same pedigree as Alisson and Ederson, but stop acting like he's a terrible keeper when the facts don't seem to support that view.

    Sp they lost because of him in Istanbul, FINE, we criticize hkm for that & then we move on. Stop acting like its the end of the world, & think of your own talking points when criticizing him too. Critically thinking about things is objectively good for you.

  7. The 2nd best keeper in the Premier league????????? PMSFL NO CHANCE!!!!! Allison, Ederson and then Emi Martinez who's won the world's best keeper trophy.. So down to that Martinez is the world's best keeper.. FACT!!

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