Have fans lost trust in VAR? | Back Pages Tonight discuss after controversial Liverpool goal denial

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The Guardian’s Jonathan Liew believes fans have lost trust in the PGMOL following a number of recent VAR controversies.

He was joined by the Daily Mail’s Craig Hope who discussed if there’s a problem with a lack of consistency between the Premier League and UEFA’s use of VAR.

Jarell Quansah saw a dramatic stoppage-time equaliser controversially disallowed by VAR as Liverpool suffered their first Europa League defeat of the season in a 3-2 loss at Toulouse.

Quansah thought he had scored a 97th-minute leveller, which would have been the academy graduate’s first for the club, but Alexis Mac Allister was deemed to have handled in the build-up after referee Georgi Kabakov went to the pitchside monitor before ruling out the goal.

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34 thoughts on “Have fans lost trust in VAR? | Back Pages Tonight discuss after controversial Liverpool goal denial

  1. The way Liverpool play on the night is not the issue the rule states if the ball hit is or her body before hitting the hand and is not heading towards the gold then it is not hand ball plus his hand was not that far away from his body the gold should have stand but it’s easy to say Liverpool didn’t play well enough on the day so they should lose.

  2. it seems they are sponsored by the Saudi's ! 🙂 sounds that way at least 🙂 the rules are simple, as said before, if the ball hits other part of the body, and then goes to the hand, it is not a handball ! that said, how can this be a right decision ! and besides that, this was going back a few plays before the goal actually happened ! It is just incredible how little people know about the rules, specially the referees, and the so-called assistant referees !

  3. So your telling me that's not a handball on by the Liverpool player? So why Sterling goal against Spurs wasn't given if that's not a handball? Var has been a disgrace yes so even when they make the right call it's gonna seems wrong because of they're incompetence!!

  4. As a American fan if I wanted to watch stop and start play all the time I would watch American football VAR makes the game way less exciting to watch I would rather fast paced gameplay with some wrong call the then slowed down play with maybe a 20 percent more correct calls just makes the game boring and more controversial

  5. Sky blaming Liverpool’s performance for the VAR officials blunder? I don’t care how badly a team plays. A goal is a bloody goal. Jamie, Neville, Owen, SKY sports are honestly pathetic. This is them trying to control the narrative. Football fans are not idiots. Rashford shouldn’t have been sent off. The push on Gabrielle was an issue. I am saying this as a LFC fan. VAR IS DESTROYING THE GAME.

  6. The guy in the glass is talking utter rubbish. I imagine he has never played football at the highest level. Toulouse play in the French first division and are playing in Europe enough said. They are still a quality team and football at this level is about small margins. My advice to the guy in the glasses and the other is get better at your job and don't generalise. I have reviewed this video and have realised what numpties these two are, predictable and not thorough in their analysis. Yes LFC were poor but that's not the point of the discussion, something lost on these two excuses of journos

  7. Have fans lost trust in VAR? For me its a clear “Yes”, but more so for the people who are running it and the media, like Sky. They are ruining the game by legitimising inconsistencies and incompetence without repercussions. It sickens me, everytime this happens (for any team).

    It is a real disgrace for football!!


  9. The Games a joke now, would you please explain to me how Rashfords was a Red or Celtics was a red i now understand why the game is no longer watchable.!!! Back to the days of human error it's got to be better than this.!!;;

  10. Keep VAR only to check whether the ball has completely crossed the goal line. For all other issues revert to the old system of the referee deciding everything with faults accepted by all sides.
    Maybe adding two more linesmen would increase the referee's efficiency.

  11. If I was Daniel Levy I would have taken PGMOL to court for damages for the injury to Micky Van De Ven, players having to stand around all that time has to contribute to injuries. Spurs taking PGMOL to court for the injury would force them to speed up the process of checking decisions.

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