Group of death? Who England, Scotland, and Wales could face at Euro 2024?

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Geraint Hughes is in Germany to preview the draw for next summer’s Euro 2024 and who could lie in wait for England, Scotland, and potentially Wales.

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23 thoughts on “Group of death? Who England, Scotland, and Wales could face at Euro 2024?

  1. sack southgate now and bring somebody half competent in, I feel so sorry for Bellingham, being real Madrids starboy and going from one of the greatest managers of all time in Carlo Ancelotti who's won 5 ucls in his managerial career to a manager who wouldn't get a job in the premier league. Lets be honest, would rather have Paul heckingbottom, a manager who is struggling in premier league and on the cusp of being sacked or Gareth Southgate. Id rather in a million miles have Paul heckingbottom. Gareth Southgate is an awful manager who wouldn't get a job in the football league two let a lone the premier league. "Oh he took us to a World Cup semi final." "He took us to a euros final" I have never seen an easier run to a final and a semi final in my lifetime. He only knows how to beat crappy teams. every time he faces somebody half decent he gets outfoxed. England have the best squad in the world behind France and we are wasting it on a clown. England ,in a final at Wembley, were 1-0 up after two minutes against a bang average Italy side and what happened, we played a back 5 and two cdms and we had one shot on target in 120 minutes. That is unacceptable for a team of this quality!!!! Also how could I forget his team selection, hes always picking his out of form favourites. Okay for maguire you could make an argument defending him saying that hes been getting much more gametime recently and hes been playing well, but WHY ON EARTH IS KALVIN PHILLIPS IN THE TEAM. hes barely played, I cant even get more than 5 pictures of kalvin Phillips in this seasons Man City kit thats how infrequently he plays. His backside must be hurting from sitting on a bench for 90 minutes every week. And how could I forget Jordan Henderson, why is he still in the team, hes playing in Saudi Arabia collecting money whilst not even playing in front of 1000 fans every week. Hes playing in a league thats equivalent to the national league.

  2. I’d rather have a tough group for a change as we have made a mess of easier groups in the past.

    I predict we may get Serbia or Turkey as we never play them in tournaments.

    Dark horses for me are Hungary and I also predict Croatia will turn up as they always do at tournaments.

  3. Why the f..k are italy in pot 4? I love how these twats at uefa just disregard them…as the defending euro champions they shouldn't even have had to qualify but that's ok we have the mighty england oh we are going to win it next time in pot 1 the most overhyped trash in football didn't you learn your lesson last time around when you lost on penalties in your own stadium ….that's cool write italy off at your pearl

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