Gareth Southgate says Reece James’ decision to miss England internationals is a risk

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Gareth Southgate says Reece James has taken a risk by opting not to join up with England this month and suggested Aaron Ramsdale needs regular game time to make his Euros squad.

The Three Lions boss told the written media on Thursday he had been hoping to call up Chelsea captain James but the 23-year-old preferred to skip the European Championship qualifiers with Malta and North Macedonia to focus on his fitness.

The right-back – who missed the World Cup with a knee problem – has only just returned to club football after a long hamstring injury which disrupted his start to this season.

While Southgate said he “can understand” James’ decision and had a “really good, long conversation” with the defender, he pointed out that there is just one more international break before next summer’s tournament and agreed with the suggestion that competition for places at right-back is fierce at the moment.

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39 thoughts on “Gareth Southgate says Reece James’ decision to miss England internationals is a risk

  1. He could have just gone and trained with the lads. It’s not guaranteed he would start or play anyways. But training to improve his fitness would have benefited him. Does the dude just want a week off so he can go to Vegas or Ibiza??

  2. Time to go now Gareth. Never known a more contradictory guy in my life. What a pointless thing to come out and say. Guy now knows he's not liked and is now putting the pressure on his own players to detract away from him. James is not fully fit and is focusing on recovery, yet suggesting Ramsdale needs more game time goes against his Maguire stance playing him consistently even when he didn't even get game time at Man Utd. Get lost Gareth.

  3. Southgate needs his head examined I cannot believe this individual is coaching some of the most talented English players in a generation. The man just came back from a long term injury so you want to risk him against and i say this with respect against lesser teams and friendlies to boot with the potential of him getting injured again?

    England will win nothing with this joker in charge.

  4. James gets nowhere near the squad anyway, trippier and walker are miles ahead and trent is versatile so he will be third. Maybe if he could play more than 5 games without getting injured it would be a different story.

  5. Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t risk and injury and I love that Ben White doesn’t get picked. Imagine our players getting injured on international duty pointlessly for a guy with awful tactics, if it hadn’t been for Trent’s, ability to pull off world class passes for the last game we would’ve drew. A sack of potatoes would get the same results as Southgate these players are individually brilliant

  6. Wokegate has no idea what he is doing now…..Philips, Maguire 😮etc, no Sterling who’s on top form…….what did the Sheikh say to Lawrence of Arabia about his colonial quote “he has a fools face” …..😢😮😮say no more. Time to go Gareth…we need Eddie Howe type manager now. 😊

  7. Why is Southgate pretending James isn't a guarantee. He's the 3rd best defender England have behind Stones and Walker. Lil bro Kalvin is approximately the 46th best midfielder England have. Something ain't adding up Gareth lad.

  8. What's the difference between rejected a call up and report for the call but sitting on the bench??
    I would rather choose rejected a call up if i'm Reece James because at the end of the day Walker, Henderson, Maguire, Phillips, Pickford, Rashford will always played as starter by their pal Gareth Southgate even against Malta.

  9. Bro. Kyle Walker.
    Kyle Walker Peters.

    You do not need Reece James. Take.
    Ivan toney
    James ward prowes
    Like cmon bro I’m convinced. This foo and Granm potter are the same guy.

  10. gareth southgates teams these days:


    what we really want:


  11. He is like a baby that wants every toy. England have already qualified and he knows what Reece James is capable of. Also isn't Walker his first choice?
    If a footballer is returning from injury, it's quite normal for them to pace their recovery.
    If I had the opportunity, I would advise Reece James not to go clubbing. If you abstain an England invite due to fitness concerns and then are photographed in a nightclub it never looks good.

  12. To hell with Gareth Southagate,Good for nothing coach who has preferences for some players,Why is Southgate going on about Aaron Ramsdale's lack of minutes while he has been calling Calvin Phillips and Harry Maquire who have missed like the entire season?They spent the entire season on the bench yet he calls them up for national duties?I hate this manager,he deserves to be fired…And why is Ben Whote not getting call ups?And James Ward Prowse?

  13. Gareth Southgate ain't dumb enough to leave reece james out of the Euros squad if he is fit but then again this is the guy that selects Henderson and Phillips every in every squad normally i would also include maguire in this but recently he has been starting and doing decent for united

  14. This is a complete non-story. Everything Southgate said was fine. Everything James did was fine. There's no drama here at all. I can guarantee 90% of the comments written on this video were in response to the title, which is pure click-bait. Watch the video! Get behind the team, get behind the manager. Our squad is strong, not the strongest. We have no god-given right to win anything. A final is a huge achievement. Stop thinking we are entitled to more. Hope for it, but don't expect. We're on the right path. Just enjoy it. Absolutely deranged fanbase.

  15. To be fair I don’t think it was a threat to Reece.

    It’s just a matter of fact. If you can’t make the squads before the competition I can’t justify taking you to that competition.

    Need time to learn the tactics and stuff and Southgate will pick players that have had the time by I learn them.

    Now, I don’t think Southgate is right about a lot of his decisions and even considering this as a risk I don’t think is exactly right, but it doesn’t change that this wasn’t a threat to make Reece come to the call ups.

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