Four of ‘Big Six’ have committed to UEFA as Premier League rejects European Super League

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Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham have all pledged their commitment to the existing competitions they play in, while the Premier League has rejected the European Super League concept following Thursday’s European Court of Justice ruling.

On Thursday, judges said UEFA rules blocking the formation of a new competition, such as the European Super League, were contrary to EU law – but added that the competition may still not be approved.

The Premier League said: “The ruling does not endorse the so-called ‘European Super League’ and the Premier League continues to reject any such concept.

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43 thoughts on “Four of ‘Big Six’ have committed to UEFA as Premier League rejects European Super League

  1. UEFA could solve this problem by creating their own Super League. Take the top 2 teams from the top 10 European leagues and "promote" them into a new European League. Then each season the bottom X clubs are relegated back into their own Domestic Leagues and the final 4 of the Champions League are promoted into the Super League.

  2. A22 only want a super league because some of their teams (if not all) will be under the same scrutiny as Barca for their millions in backhanders to refs.
    Funny how A22 teams got blatant wrong decisions going their way for decades.

  3. Why do yous all think the saudis are buying up all these players on central contracts and not on contracts to specific clubs.

    The liv superleague is coming, they will make up new clubs as modern fans dont follow clubs now they follow specific players, then all those players in saudi will be drafted by liv super league clubs.

  4. premier league ruined football once they started being bought by FIFA oil money. Corruption is what is preventing clubs from joining the super league.

  5. I think 95% of Commentators don’t understand how the Super League is supposed to work. No team has to “leave” their League or UEFA Competitions. Also it’s already been ruled that no Organization can sanction the Teams for joining it.

  6. The whole idea is we ALL want our club to reign supreme. Why tarnish literally everything it’s shocking that some of the clubs have actually agreed to this

  7. Easy to guess it's United and Liverpool, the two more historicals clubs, that's only what the Super League needs. If these two join it's enough the others can ear their way back when the Super league launch

  8. English fans are soft, they support the monopoly of UEFA and FIFA and call SuperLeague owners money hungry, LOL English fans are the biggest example of having Stockholm syndrome by UEFA LOL

  9. Money wins………… always it is just a matter of time!
    20 Years Ago Arsene wenger Warned How big Money will come and Ruined Football,Look at what's Happening Now I think this it Money Again and We all know What money Can Do….

  10. "FIFA/UEFA didn't liked/supported it" bla bla bla. and yet to this day, no sanction whatsoever towards Barca/Madrid. infact they've been favor/given lately in any of their related awards. just bunch of BS. Prem owner is so idiot for sticking with these guys when they clearly anti-PL growth. England could just create NBA of Soccer by themself but apparently they're too scared?

  11. UEFA and FIFA are the most corrupt organisations this planet has ever seen. Everyone who supports them is corrupt too which means that those clubs are corrupt. Look how beautiful and enjoyable basketball has become after the EuroLeague. The Super League will give all the power to the clubs. Period.

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