Former referee Mike Dean says he wouldn’t enjoy a return to the game in it’s current state

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Mike Dean says referees are having hard time enjoying themselves in the top flight of the game with the pressures they face to make the right decisions.

He said he would not enjoy referring right now and he see many refs not enjoying themselves enough doing their duties.

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29 thoughts on “Former referee Mike Dean says he wouldn’t enjoy a return to the game in it’s current state

  1. You know the biggest problem in life is the truth and I have a problem with these refs speaking the truth. They should admit when they made a mistake simple but stop looking for excuses to justified their mistakes, after we have var and these refs making more mistakes than ever I want to know what is going on and yet they trying to defend themselves

  2. Mike Dean sits in that studio acting like officiating wasn't crap with him in charge but lets not forget that he openly admitted to protecting his ''mate' referees and also made several dozen shocking calls in his career. Also, if it is not fair for refs to give interviews and explain their decision making on tv because it will 'open them to abuse', then why are they so happy like Mr Dean here to take a cushty TV job? Bald fraud. The one good thing about all this is Mike Dean is retired.

  3. Let me get this straight. Refs don't enjoy it because of all the criticism? Well shouldn't they first realise why the criticism is happening? Its not like the odd mistake every now and again. Its almost every match now

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