Football clubs failing to meet diversity targets

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Kick It Out’s Tony Burnett discusses the FA’s findings as they release their football leadership diversity code year 3 report.

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26 thoughts on “Football clubs failing to meet diversity targets

  1. "Diversity' in current use is simply bigotry wrapped in a silk bow. I say this as a minority myself. Fortunately I'm in a field where being highly competent is the key difference maker. The other attributes being nice additions.

  2. “Diversity targets” is a despicably divisive, prejudicial, and racist concept that is unequivocally contrary to meritocracy; which is the core principal upon which sporting excellence and the pinnacle of football has been built. Meritocracy is the only thing that matters. Not what race, sex, or ethnicity you are. Only how good you are. Making it compulsory to discriminate against people due to their race, sex, or otherwise is disgusting. Having targets for some groups; absolutely by its very definition discriminates against others.

  3. It’s almost as if the UK is majority white and that it’s hard to get diversity in the top 300 players in Europe. 70m people in uk. 3% are black. So 3 percent of 300 would be 9. There are more than 9 black players and coaches.

  4. Disgusting that you can now get a job just because you’re black or brown, not because you’ve earned it.
    Make up around 15% of the country and it’s not enough.
    No other country had to put up with this nonsense but it rammed down our throats.
    Considering it’s our country I hope the fans just turn their backs to all this anti-white bull*** because without us WHITE people you get no fans.
    Darren Lewis is racist as hell

  5. YES, sanction them please. Either they follow the standards or they must suffer the consequences.

    As for the comment section its OK we understand, History wasn't made by opinion polls or things popularly regarded positively. If you go back to the 60s in America you'd find the vast majority of whites to he r*cist and pro-segragation. A lot of the positive things we have in the world had to BE FORCED ONTO bigots and imbeciles.

    Whether you like it or not😂the world is "woke" now LOL. Now keep crying.

  6. Why just leadership and coaching? Why not playing team?
    Because you want the best players. Same logic for all positions, right? Apparently not. Why is nobody speaking against this woke BS?????

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