'Football Brexit' | A.C. Monza director proposes a European Super League without English clubs

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Former AC Milan general director and current A.C. Monza director Adriano Galliani has called for a new European Super League be considered but without English clubs, saying it is time for ‘brexit in football’.

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50 thoughts on “'Football Brexit' | A.C. Monza director proposes a European Super League without English clubs

  1. While his argument/proposal is very flawed, the problem he speaks of is real and needs to be addressed by the other leagues. We have come to a point where a player has half a good season in a club somewhere and there is a good chance he will be in England by that winter transfer window. Even supposedly "big" clubs outside England get poached left and right and struggle to keep their talent for longer than a good season or two. In time this will be extremely detrimental to these other leagues. A solution needs to be found and a merger of the leagues of a few countries could be the only viable answer at this point. Probably not going to happen though, but it probably is the only way to curb English clubs' financial supremacy.

  2. I don't agree with this proposition, but something should be done to make spending powers more equal.
    I'm an AC Milan fan, this summer we spent about 40 millions total and we struggled to sign some players against club like Leeds and Newcastle. Juventus aside, we have probably the greatest spending power between italian teams right now.
    On the other side you have clubs like Chelsea that spent 350 millions just to sign a bunch of decent players. It's impossible to compete when even newly promoted sides in England can spend more than your entire budget on a single player just to be sure to get him.
    I love EPL and obviously much of this spending power comes from a great management of the league and so is deserved, but also these foreign owners are bruteforcing the market by raising the standard price for players year by year (as PSG does as well) and making it impossible to compete for club outside EPL.
    It's not just an italian problem: Barcellona is almost going bankrupt trying to stay competitive, Real is fine just because they keep winning for now, Bayern is also on a budget but survives since it's well structured and can do what it wants in his league. We will soon reach a point where even these clubs will struggle to sign players against Nottingham Forest or Bournemouth which is, with all due respect, kind of insane

  3. Politics aside, Football is a sport. England is geographically in the European continent. We stay in the competitions. 👊⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  4. If their league (Italy) wasn’t so boring, maybe people would want to watch it, hence the 💶’s would roll in.

    But it is boring, and nobody wants to watch it any more.


  5. Pmsl that is the typical Italian way, they either capitulate or side with the strongest ally they can haha literally threw their toys out their pram cos the English league is too good hahahahaha

  6. This just shows the old mind set some of the people in Italian football, business & marketing wise and footballing wise, there’s a conflict between the old and new and I feel Calcio is maybe 5-10 years behind the Prem and even other leagues.

  7. French and German clubs said no last time as they like there chances at winning there own league there not going to throw that away to have a less of a chance to win against the likes of barca Madrid Milan and juv

  8. Jealousy, snobbery and xenophobic is Europe in a nutshell.. always have and always will be towards the English. Which is ironic as on holiday the most polite and nice friendly people are people from the UK.

  9. I have a massive question on this and no one ever asks it.
    what happens if its a 20 team league and say Barcelona are 14th 3 years in a row. the club would have riots in the stadium. managers would be sacked every 5 games because the club drops 6 places in the league. also 1 team gets a trophy out of all of Europe top leagues. fans would tune out very fast.

  10. Real Madrid Barcelona Bayern PSG Juventus
    AC Milan Inter Milan Atletico Dortmund Napoli

    This would even Help Marseille Ajax Feyenord Benfica Porto Financially to gain success back they are massive club’s historically

  11. Bayern, Dortmund, Ajax, AC Milan, Inter, Juve, PSG, Atletico, Real, Barca, Porto, Benfica, Celtic, Rangers, Brugge, Roma, Napoli, Marseille, RB Leipzig, RB Salzburg. There that’s the super league that would rival the EPL. And honestly if they don’t do this the EPL will continue to leave them all in the dust.

  12. I hooe they allow Scottish clubs in a European Super League.

    Scottish clubs should join the European Super League. Clubs like Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers and Aberdeen should join the European Super League.
    Clubs from countries like Scotland, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Iceland, Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, Greece, Denmark, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands could compete with clubs from the big countries.
    My idea would be three hierarchical divisions of twenty with two north and south divisions of twenty below that.

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