FIFA men’s world rankings released

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England move to third in the rankings whilst Argentina and France take 1st and 2nd respectively.

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21 thoughts on “FIFA men’s world rankings released

  1. It is ridiculous and frankly disrespectful how Croatia is always undermined in these rankings. Even after playing in the wc final and third place matches. Utter bollocks by Fifa.

  2. How are Belgium 4th, in the last world cup they went out the group stages. And crashed out the quarter finals in the Euros. The ranking does not make sense at all.

  3. Sky completely ignoring that a date has been set for the biggest cheats in football history. 15 years of cooking the books.. They are still cooking the books in 2023. Relegate city and strip them of all titles now. They have wrecked the integrity of the premier league

  4. The ranking are nonsense because it favours European and South American teams because they get to play higher ranked teams regularly within their region so rank up more points and nations like the USA and Japan also have an inflated ranking because they get lots of opportunities to play high ranked teams because they can arrange lucrative friendlies. But if you are an African or another Asian team, who only get opportunities to play high ranked teams every four years, you are never ever going to be a high ranked nation. What is worst is FIFA use this flawed unfair system to decide seeding in world cups and insures only South American and European teams can be top seeds for the next 100 years.

  5. FIFA rankings don't matter like DBZ multiplier. Saudi beat Argentina, Japan beat Spain, Japan beat Germany twice, Tunisia beat France, South Korea beat Portugal, Indonesia didn't lose 7-0 against Argentina, Indonesia beats Philippines.

  6. My opinions 1 france 2 argentina 3 brazil 4 Germany 5 Italy 6 Netherlands 7 Portugal 8 Spain 9 England 10 Croatia 11 Belgium 12 Denmark 13 Morocco 14 colmabia 15 Sweden 16 albianba 17 wales 18 Scotland 19 Nigeria 20 sengeal

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