4 thoughts on “Faces of Africa: Rastafarians Coming Home to Africa

  1. What Ethiopianist drivel is this? Read 'The Emperor' by Ryszard Kapuscinski if you want to know the truth about Haile Selassie, the man whom even the late PM of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, called "a feudal tyrant", the man who was content to throw scraps of food (leftovers from his own meals) from atop his palace to starving people huddled in wait down below while his pet lions were fed fresh, red meat, the man who parceled off Djibouti and gave it to the French to build his damn railroad, the man, who, upon being asked (via a translator) how he felt about being the first black dignitary to be formally received at the White House (JFK administration), said "I'm not black." I agree with the tenets of Rastafarianism insofar as they relate to the ideas of afrodiasporic identity, black liberation, and humanism, but this deifying of Haile Selassie has to STOP. YOU ARE PERPETUATING A LIE, CCTV!!

    I realize that the truth might be a bit jarring, but you'll never hear this from closet-racist Ethiopians. It's in there cultural hegemonic benefit to have Black Americans deify Haile Selassie much in the same way that you'll never hear the truth about Gandhi from Indians.We (African Americans and Black Americans) need to be careful whom we put on a pedestal and teach our children to look up to. These types of historical truths must be brought to light!

  2. And thanks to your slave master for taking out people to the western hemisphere and killed and rape our people so why don't u critize them but u ready to do that to our emperor. u can't stop the movement of my people so u little wolf in sheep clothing go bow down to your slave master but leave rastafari let we live our lives.

  3. The Greatest Sovereignty to Walk this Earth has come and now the Reawakening of the Sleeping Giant Afrika is upon us of this Blessed Dispensation of Qedamawi Hamashiek Haile Selassie1st.!!

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