Explained: What is the Premier League’s new transfer rule and how will it impact Chelsea?

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Premier League clubs will no longer be able to spread the cost of a transfer fee across more than five years of a player’s contract.

In June, UEFA announced it had closed a loophole allowing clubs to spread a fee over a longer period, and on Tuesday the Premier League confirmed its clubs had now voted to amend competition rules to bring the league in line with European regulations.

Chelsea signed a number of players on lengthy deals in the summer of 2022 and in January of this year, including handing eight-and-a-half-year contracts to Enzo Fernandez and Mykhailo Mudryk in January. The rule change, however will not be backdated meaning such deals will be unaffected.

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21 thoughts on “Explained: What is the Premier League’s new transfer rule and how will it impact Chelsea?

  1. Its not 1 billion spent, its 700 million spent. 200 million of that has been in hospital and not including james and chilwell. 100 million more of that has not been spent on the first team but in academy players that were loaned out. If u really believe the squad vs everton was 1 billion then u are a fool. That team was half of that

  2. Those clubs who wanted it backdated if Chelsea didn't also vote for the new rule should be named and shamed for coercion. Backdating any new laws is completely unlethical, in regular law and in sports.

  3. Would have been extremely unfair to backdate it. You cant penalise a club for breaking rules that wasnt in place when it happened. Its like setting a new law today and arresting everyone who broke it yesterday. And im a spurs fair so no favouritism from me lol

  4. "What is the Premier Leagues new transfer rule" should have been headlined "Let's have a go at Chelsea"
    Chelsea owners did NOT break any rules, talk of 'back dating' is green eye'd monster stuff as is showing Chelsea's net spend since 2022 without naming all those 10's of players they got off their books.
    Chelsea have already said they will still be offering long contracts to players so saying"I suspect they wont " makes Sky look silly, once again?

  5. The rule should be that buy and selling club have to disclose the fee and payment structure to register a player and those figure have to be recorded in accounts. At moment Brighton will show they made £115m as soon as Caicedo left, while Chelsea will say they effectively signed him for free, they have simple turned £115m of assets into single asset worth £115m. After that because in 8 years time that asset can leave for free each year after that the value of that asset reduces. So, each year his effective value will reduce by £14.375m. Neither case reflects what actually happens to the actual money in the real world.

  6. Don't blame Chelsea players for not doing well, even on the pitch this media pundits and commentators reminds the boys about Chelsea transfer policy as if Chelsea is still contro by former boss, they don't want Chelsea to compete with any top clubs

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