Explained: What does Jon Rahm’s move to LIV Golf mean for the future of the sport?

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Masters champion Jon Rahm has become the latest high-profile player to switch to the LIV Golf League after signing a deal understood to be worth up to £450m, Sky Sports’ Jamie Weir discusses what this means for the future of golf as a whole.

Rahm, a former critic of LIV, will be the highest-ranked player to join the league, with the world No 3 enjoying an impressive 2023 that saw him win four times on the PGA Tour – including victory at The Masters – and be part of Europe’s successful Ryder Cup team.

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18 thoughts on “Explained: What does Jon Rahm’s move to LIV Golf mean for the future of the sport?

  1. Why don’t LIV sign Scheffler, Hovland, Aberg. They don’t seem that serious about destroying the PGA tour. They still want a seat at the table. They would cancel the 54 hole shotgun start , team format in a heartbeat if Jay agreed to a full merger. PIF Pga Tour maybe have a couple of events in Saudi Arabia.

  2. The PGA Tour now immediately (and proactive) needs to found a PGA World Tour with combine all other Tours like DP etc. This way only the MajorBrands will sponsor, it is even better cause they can then brand globally. If this is not happen and they merge effective with the Saudies, they are loosing power and the PGA will be diluted quickly. PGA as a name then is gone and with it their History… Can you all believe this what is going on? Jon Rahm now will be also one who subjugate like all LIV Players cause you have to, you sold to big money…🤣

  3. When the national treasury of a rich country shows up to buyout an industry by offering several times what it could possibly recoup in a business sense, and whether the PGA and the Sheiks work things out, that is going to get the attention of the anti-trust section of the Justice department. who have a responsibility, especially involving a non-profit, to safeguard the public's interests. The parties avoided that scrutiny so far.

  4. This from the NYTimes a while back: "The board of directors for the new for-profit entity would be led by Yasir al-Rumayyan, who is the governor of the Public Investment Fund and also oversees LIV. Three other members of the board’s executive committee would be current members of the PGA Tour’s board, and the tour would appoint the majority of the board and hold a majority voting interest, effectively controlling it."

  5. Rahm is weak!!! Money money money 🤑🤑💰💰 Will he put any to charity? Can't believe a word from his mouth now. It just puts you off Golf!!! The Greed. Would understand if a golfer who struggled on tour moved to Liv Golf for that money. But not a major winner!

  6. Rahm’s signing could be PIF telling the PGA Tour to sit down and start dealing with a little more intensity or we’ll raid your locker room again. In most boardrooms, the side with the most money almost always wins. KUDOS to Jon Rahm !! Well done… LIV can trumpet its newest addition and the PGA Tour will go back and lick its wounds as it tries to figure out just where golf is going. Bravo Jon Rahm!!!

  7. lol sky taking a dump on liv because they dont have the rights, if they did liv would be the best thing ever… sky comcast are a joke organisation

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