Explained: Sri Lanka suspended by International Cricket Council board

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ESPN Cricinfo Journalist Andrew Fidel Fernando joined Sky Sports News to explain the context behind the International Cricket Council Board’s decision to suspend Sri Lanka Cricket’s membership of the ICC with immediate effect.

The ICC Board met on Friday and determined that Sri Lanka Cricket is in serious breach of its obligations as a member and, in particular, “the requirement to manage its affairs autonomously and ensure that there is no government interference in the governance, regulation and/or administration of cricket in Sri Lanka”.

The conditions of the suspension will be decided by the ICC, with the board set to meet on November 21, after which the future course of action is expected to become clearer.

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46 thoughts on “Explained: Sri Lanka suspended by International Cricket Council board

  1. What is wrong has to be said loud. Not go round the bushes.
    Current SLC board is highly corrupted and has no vision to develop cricket. Current stats will prove that!
    Also, Jay Shah interfering with SL Cricket is not accepted. He might be Shammis best buddy but they don't own SL Cricket.
    SL politicians are not the most reliable but looking at what's happening with SL Cricket, we need a change.

  2. As a Sri Lankan, i'm very happy with this decision. Current team (except for 2 or 3 players) doesn't deserve to play international level cricket. They are weak and the reason is they have connections with the Sri Lankan cricket board so that they will never replaced by the better players. What happen is really good. at least we won't be supporting other teams to make new records. We have school players better than this international team.

  3. As a Sri Lankan I’m okay without playing any ICC event for years to come under the current cricket board. They all want money and nothing done to developed cricket. We are a joke now so better not play World events. I hope the sport minister stick to his decision.

  4. The ICC has proven on earth that the theory behind the destruction of cricket in Sri Lanka and their local representatives are corrupt crooks, extortionists and prostitutes led by the current Shammi Silva. The Auditor General of Sri Lanka has correctly proven financial corruption and irregularities have been proven with media evidence. In such a background, ICC shopping for them is like cheering naked in the middle of the field. Thank you ICC (with India). It is better to leave the game than to play it under a plan like yours.

  5. I think the current Sri Lanka cricket board should step down immediately and allow people who are capable and passionate to take over.
    After all, we all want to see team Sri Lanka playing good and competitive cricket.
    The corrupt cricket board must go, and ICC must conduct an independent investigation about what has happened in the last few years and banned those currept administrators re entering into the Sri Lanka cricket.

  6. The fact that ICC has decided to suspend SLC at the drop of a hat gives me the impression that they work hand in hand with the current cartel of corrupt SLC officials. I suspect the Indian cricket board too is behind this as they have been supportive of the corrupt SLC.
    Unfortunately the political regime in SL made an attempt to appoint an interim committee headed by former captain Arjuna Ranatunga who too is a parasite to conduct the affairs who only lasted few hours in the job. A complete shambles. What’s required is an overhaul of SLC and restructuring of the domestic cricket to bring back quality over quantity. It looks pretty long winded though.

  7. I am a Sri Lankan. The Sri Lanka Cricket Board is extremely corrupt. This ban is done to protect these thieves. The Sports Minister is taking great pains to drive away this band of thieves. Sri Lankans are with the Sports Minister.

  8. Happy about this news…This is the right time to Build a new system for SL cricket.This current SL board is a corrupted board and they don't like to update the system because of their selfness.This system should be changed for the success of future SL cricket.


  10. Reporter didnt say any word against the SLC ( Sri Lanka Cricket Board ) they are corrupted. There was an Auditor general special report which is stated that this SLC is highly corrupted institution in srl lanka. So thats the reason entire parliment voted to remove the current board and change the SLC constitution. But ICC works with this corrupted board and they want to keep them in power.

  11. This is a long term blessing for SL. The SLC leadership is playing every game possible in holding on to power and this "temporary ban" was requested by Shammi Silva himself. Silva, Thilanga Sumathipala etc has controlled the SLC for well over 20 years and the leadership has basically stayed the same. These corrupt scum SLC leadership MUST GO. This ban is a welcome blessing to completely restructure the entire domestic cricket scene in Sri Lanka from top to bottom.

  12. So, now a bunch of foreign cricketers are attempting to control a government of another country; I thought only foreign governments attempt to control sri lanka. Now even a stupid cricket club can control sri lanka.

  13. most lot important info not covered this media stream or the person talking. Shammi silva wanted the ICC to suspend the Sri Lankan cricket, so he can gain access to million of dollars in the cricket accounts and get away with corruption. this is the real truth. Shammi silva and the 11 members are responsible for 1 billion corruptions during last 4-5 years and match-fixing with India's "JAY shah"….. Shammi silva using sri lanka flag to fill his own pocket …..everybody is now afraid that sri lanka ppl will take this mater and ICC to "international high court" nobody including this media don't cover the truth

  14. Sri Lanka don't want to be paid millions by india through match-fixing and corruption to loose matches…. happy ICC's decision… sri lanka can tell the truth to the world now

  15. This so called journalist is not giving the true picture to the global audience. I think he even have citizenship in NZ and i dont know how he became the sole journalist for Sri Lanka. The root cause for the downfall of Sri Lanka cricket has been the administration. No past cricketer or a cricket loving personality can get elected to the board with the current voting system. There were many honourable officials in the past especially prior to 1996 who held these top positions. Even South Africa,Pakistan are having interim committees but there is no ban so why is it only applicable to Sri Lanka. There needs to be a proper journalist who speak on behalf of Sri Lanka cricket for cricinfo going forward if not global audience gets a different message altogether.

  16. Oh come on man just say the word don't go around the bush…. Who the hell is this ass….. Evry one in this country knows SLC is run by thives and their wide speared corruption all along SLC just say that to the world come on get some balls reattached

  17. I am a sri lanka. Shammi Silva has been accused of corruption. India's Hesha has a strong desire to protect him. This is just Shesha's policy. We stand with the decision taken by the sports minister. Jay Amitbhai Shah , we never ever foget this. 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  18. Current president is a currupt person as evident by auditor generals one of the audit report.
    How do ICC scrutnise these things .
    Sri Lanka 's cricket board act allows the gamblers to ellect as officier bearers.The voting system has manipulated in a such way to elect same people again and again.They are all directly or indirectly link with betting industry too.
    At same time Sri Lanka oliticians are corrupt too.
    But people at the moment want to get rid of current cricket board and to foarm a new constitution for cricket to pave the way to good admistrative peole to be elected to the board.

  19. @ Journalist Andrew Fidel Fernando, As a Sri Lankan, you should have a back-born explanation of international News ESPN truth, Why government interfere? minister of Sports fighting against corruption, you are a local representative keep silent means you are also backed by Shammi Silva's corrupted Money?

  20. ICC representatives were the bookies, I guess.. When they were dismissed, fixing is difficult.. So ICC is banning the team…
    Any country who wants to play international cricket must follow script written by Ravi Shastri.. 😂
    And also say Jai ShreeRam Jai ShreeRam…

  21. Our Board (Bangladesh Cricket Board) is more corrupted than Srilanka.. SriLankan citizens have a pure heart and courage to say against corruption.. They want changes for rebirth of old SriLanka.. Surely Srilanka will fix it from the root level.. but BCB will be continue play with our emotion..

  22. Ok agree that gov interfearance should not be there. BUT if the board is heavily corrupted who can take an action? Either ICC should take an action or gov should do that. As we witnessed in the past this set of people are being always elected by the SLC election. Dont you see something fisshy?

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