Everton: Football finance expert Kieran Maguire explains reasons for point deduction

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Football finance expert Kieran Maguire explains reasons for Everton’s point deduction.

Everton have been deducted 10 points for a breach of profit and sustainability rules.

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49 thoughts on “Everton: Football finance expert Kieran Maguire explains reasons for point deduction

  1. I hope the premier league will be Happy with their selves after destroying one of the most historic clubs in world football.
    Original member of the football league who lead the way for football in this country and the world.
    Shame on you .let's see what happens next with the other clubs been investigated if you have the balls to deduct points and strip titles or will money talk .
    Premier league is rotten to the core .

  2. …And WHY is Man. $ity still $trutting about ?? (No) Rules apply to them is it ?? Already we see them HEAVILY Favored by VAR, Refs, FA, UEFA… By same reference They ought to be relegated for a Decade if not STRIPPED of EVERY Title then ???

    What DISGUSTING HYPOCRISY is this ??
    Total Breakdown of Ethics & Morals. 🤮

  3. You get only get nine for adminastration but we get a 10 point deduction is to mucgh. The fa didnt put in a mechinism to deductuct points for breaches like ours which dont ralate to anthing to with buying or selling until 10 august last this year. Yes we should be punishnent would have been a 4 or 5 point deduction. It funny how the rush ours through to make an example but nothing gets done about man city or chelsea and nothing will ever be dont. Weve only had one season were we soent atupid money. If you look at the stats on net spend over the last three years we are the 4th lowest. In the league. Yes maybe it should have been done last see not this but it is our fault it wasnt. We have been getting every tranafer sale and and all account checked and cleared by the premier leauge for the last 18 months personally i would take a 7 points that is fairer. Now will the do anyhting about their investingation in to the owners of newcastle man city 115 alleged breaches qnd the news that came out qbout chelsea probabley not as they will go are more easier targets. We breach on one technical rule over the staduim financing it convinant that they chanced that after the charged us.

  4. Given the reach your media has you don't ask the right questions. If you agree with this – what does that means to City/Chelsea? Oops, money talks and we can't mention that. Utter joke

  5. Interest Rates cannot be the reason why they missed the FFP play rules – they didn't mark to market their player contracts to the appropriate fair value and so they avoided losses that all other clubs would have documented and recorded on their books.

    Right now – Everton, like City and Chelsea are doing related party transactions with special purposes entities that allows roundtripping transactions. Encourage you guys to watch the Enron documentary for an American Company that did this and will commit fraud – and the auditors, Arthur Anderson who shredded documents. Of course Moshiri was getting everton a cut rate deal on the interest rates – thats why he left because he would have done some more illegal stuff and used Everton as a vehicle for washing money they couldn't afford to pay for things he wanted to. Moshiri is smarter than everyone who works at Everton combined trust me.

    Just take washing money out of the sport – and great football fans in Merseyside don't have to suffer. I don't think they care about winning the top trophies – but I think they are genuine enough to know it has to be done in the right way.

    I am an Arsenal fan – feel hard done for Everton, but I hope all you Evertonians put pressure through your club to make sure Man City and Chelsea get relegated. Everton may have been stupid in how they hid things, but guarantee you Man City and Chelsea did it 100 times worse, just that they were smarter about it as an organization. All three clubs had intent to the wrong thing, one club should not be punished while the other two don't because they were dumber.

  6. The greatest thing Everton can do now is simply stay up, which they'll probably do this season, which will also be the best two fingered salute they could give the Premier League.

  7. There are a lot of people who dont understand the situation. Everton have the third LOWEST net transfer spend in the window over the past 5 years. The premier league litteraly told everton they had not broken any rules earlier this year. The prem is panikjng about an independent regulator and trying to look tough.

  8. The Premier League is just like the wrestling. It is a fix at best, corrupt to the core. It is all about money & the sport is lost. It would have been better for everyone if the so called big six left when they wanted to. I truly believe we would be watching a better, fairer & more honest product.

  9. This decision is the beginning of the end for the Premier League, thankfully. In ten years time people will look back at this and say this is where PL football self-destructed, nothing but red tape and legal challenges from now onwards. Bring back the simple and honest football of yesteryear ⚽️

  10. Go on strike Everton it’s what scousers do best going on strike it is a career move for scousers the scruffs no one likes toffees anymore bad for ya teeth 🦷 bye bye Everton ya cheating sooooooddddsssssss

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