Everton fans plan protests against points deduction

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Supporters have set-out how they plan to protest against a points deduction.

They are expected to protest at several locations across the weekend.

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50 thoughts on “Everton fans plan protests against points deduction

  1. Very harsh treatment of EFC. A 10 point deduction for EFC is way OTT.
    The FA decide to look the other way while Chelsea spend 1 billion pounds this summer alone on transfers "apparently a legal loophole" the same loophole that was closed by UEFA last year, but the FA did nothing to close it here.
    With EFC's egregious treatment by the FA, I can't wait to see Man City's treatment, as they should be playing non-league.
    I still believe EFC will stay up even if the points deduction stands.
    Best of luck Everton fans ……. from a Forest fan.

  2. Everton's crime is allegedly breaching an arbitrary loss.
    The punishment must be proportionate to what other teams have done over the same period and received no punishment for. I understand that one club has made 70% of the loss we have made and not been investigated.
    Has this arbitrarily allowable loss been adjusted for inflation?

  3. To all toffees, instead of bitching and moaning. Push against manchester city and chelsea with us and get our house in order together. 10 points is worth it if we get ffp enforced properly.

  4. The players and the crowd would be rearing to go on Sunday,All the frustration could fall upon United, I sense they might get rammed 💀
    Wrong place, Wrong time

  5. I get it so you break the rules and then leave the club and then they dont punish the fans. Its not the fans fault so just break the rules. I see that makes a lot of sense.

  6. bet the Premier league are shaking in their boots , Oh a plane over the stadium but the cameras are on the pitch , then a protest at old trafford well they are used to protests there and being ignored , take the punishment and get over it.

  7. my beloved Middlesbrough ended up being relegated due to a 3 points deduction for not having enough fit players to play a game, even though they alerted the Premier league prior to calling the game off and were advised to call it off, only to find out afterwards the person they talked too who advised them to call the game off didn't have the authority to make that call, and that decision efficiently cost the Boro thier Premier League status, now calling that harsh is a understatement in my opinion UTB

  8. Sky Sports is loving this, Premier League also. They’re going to mute the protest anyway. They’re laughing at our situation. F*ck Sky Sports and F*ck the Premier League. Yas can stick the 10 points up your arse!. We will just focus on our football and hopefully get the last laugh at the end of the season!. Utft!.

  9. Only one person to blame at everton football club and that's the owner moshiri, everton supporters should sue moshiri for miss ownership of the club and demand season ticket money back etc, plus I'm urging everton supporters not to buy any merchandise from the club etc untill moshiri sells everton football club, moshiri out

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