Everton fan groups make a collective statement after the club were deducted 10 points

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Everton fan groups have a made a collective statement after the club were deducted 10 points for breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

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50 thoughts on “Everton fan groups make a collective statement after the club were deducted 10 points

  1. Everton are lucky the Government doesn’t step in as everyone knows the huge amount of money pumped into Everton was Asimov’s money, Moshiri works for Asimov as was merely a puppet for him, why don’t the Government step in!! Asimov is on the list of Russians along with Ambramovic who are on the sanctions list so why have Everton got away with it!!

  2. Cannot agree with them.
    Other mitigating circumstances? Yeah, that is why you were allowed to lose £105m. You breached that by nearly £20m.
    Truly, teams should have to break even, not lose money.

  3. Crying about 10 points that's nothing to what happen my famous glasgow rangers.

    Also what about city they haven't even been touch ?

    And Everton fans don't even mention Chelsea the fa and fifa screwed us over and we still won the champions league.

    Be funny if yous go down biggest and best staduim in the championship lulz

  4. No point issuing fines, it will just encourage those who have bottomless pockets to carry on as they are. Point deductions impact the club massively and are always meant to be a deterrent not just a punishment so should be harsh. That said it’s only fair if ALL clubs are punished equally.

  5. I'm an Everton fan but we deserve this for how much of a mess we have been since Moshiri took us over.

    The part that annoys me is that other teams get away with it. Definitely some major backhanders and corruption going on

  6. You picked on the wrong club premier league you will feel this soon 😊corruption at the highest level what about the 6 clubs who tried to break your league up 😮 you will be dragged through the courts for your corruption

  7. Here is what city need to do;
    Go and cheat even harder. It’s took over a decade for these 110 charges.
    So city just need to commit another 110 charges and that’ll be another decade.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Tbf it seems like they are already doing this. Keep up the good work city

  8. If 10 pointz is for 1 infarction. If City is found guilty of 101, i said If before the 5 Man city fans go mental on there various accounts. To they get 1, 010 points deduction? 😂 Will I be seeing them in my Sunday League fixtures any time soon? That'll be a tough game.

  9. ​@ronbennett1166 Maybe but fact is it didn't happen and it was them wanting out of the champions league anyway. Everton have been treated harshly but they did break rules that were set in stone. It will be very interesting to see what happens to City and Chelsea though, the PL need to punish them accordingly even if it means them going down a few divisions.

  10. They broke the rules and got the point deduction when they will end up staying up anyway. This reaction by Everton is what I have come to expect from the scousers. Massive victim mentality.

  11. Man City took 6 points off Leicester last season and Everton only took 1 point from Leicester, yet they’re trying to sue Everton 🤷‍♂️😳 they are worse than the premier league. 😂😂

  12. I would prefer the points be reduced to 5 or 6 instead of 10. At the end of the day they did breach the FFP rule. For City they have 115 charges and those will take time to review because they have not been cooperative with the FA. This is coming from a Chelsea fan that knows the FA will be coming for us but the rules are the rules.

  13. City fan here and i gotta say what a shambles from the premier league.they want to make an example of Everton even though for years they've essentially let man city united arsenal spurs and Leicester and Chelsea to break ffp constantly with no repurcautions. Stop the bull*** and do something about the big clubs.just because it gets you more revenue doesn't meant they are above board its disappointing and f***. Incompetentness of the premier league is crazy.

  14. Damn right breaking financial rules should be a on the field punishment. They're only saying it shouldn't be because its them. Imagine telling city they're getting a fine for spending to much money from their endless oil field money.

  15. The 6 clubs that attempted to break away from the Premier league gained absolutely nothing for their efforts, except a load of bad press and distrust of fans. Everton, on the other hand, remained in the premier league, receiving lucrative league payouts, at the expense of clubs that got relegated adhering to the rules. I feel sorry for Evertonians, but the argument that the Super League rogues deserved more punishment is a non starter for me.

  16. Southend in the National League have received a 10 point penalty, you don’t here them belly aching, you’re not going to be relegated, get real…..

  17. It is not unfair or excessive, rules were broken and they were warned on a number of occasions and they still went ahead and overspent. Just imagine if you are a Leicester, Burnley or Leeds supporter. Everton cheated the system and avoided relegation. If Everton had a 5 point deduction last season when the charges were put in place, they would now be in the Championship.

  18. What do your reporters think about coming to our's on sunday evening for a 4.30 kick off? Did you all have to draw straws and the one who lost had to take the job?
    Well, us as going fan's don't have that choice, we have to go because we invest in our club.
    This is not the time for football, it's a joke aswell.

  19. It's financial doping which changes and affects the future of football for clubs and leagues across England and Europe.
    Other businesses can not be run on a loss, so allowing clubs to be supported by different financial avenues in order to give themselves a sporting advantage goes against what sport is all about. This issue is not specific to just Everton. Hopefully justice can be found!

  20. Well said Everton fans and the punishment is absolutely ridiculous and the facts are not being considered in light of the difficult times the world was experiencing at that time and impacted the clubs financial situation.

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