Euro 2024: Geraint Hughes analyses the draw results and what it means for England, Scotland & Wales

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Sky Sports News reporter Geraint Hughes analyses the Euro 2024 draw results.

The Euro 2024 draw in full:

Group A – Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B – Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C – Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D – Play-off winner A (Wales), Netherlands, Austria, France

Group E – Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Play-off winner B

Group F – Turkey, Play-off winner C, Portugal, Czech Republic

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30 thoughts on “Euro 2024: Geraint Hughes analyses the draw results and what it means for England, Scotland & Wales

  1. Southgate when he'll pick england squad for the euro:
    Gordon had a stunning season ❌
    Hendo played in somewhere in middle east vs a bunch of old men ✅
    Phillips didn't played football for a couple season ✅
    Bowen had a great season with hammers ❌
    Palmer scores 4 penalties for chelsea ✅
    Walker trent trippier james lewis ✅ … Southgate : Benladn and hitler will attack england from the right side of the country
    Tomori with a good performances in serie a❌
    Magwaya after another horrible season with man utd ✅
    Euro 2024 : England loses to belgium 3/1 and stupidgate will resign new contract 🗿

  2. Respect for Scotland. At least they earned their spot in a qualifying group containing Spain and Norway and beating both in at least one of their respective group encounters.
    I can see them doing well in that Germany group. Hungary will probably give them more problems than Germany.
    England get a bang easy group and path to the knockout stage again. 😄

  3. England have one of e easiest Group…Should qualify to e KO stage easily…Whereby the Scottish, think they will have a close fight with Switzerland…Guess Germany will qualify as leader in this group

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