Erik ten Hag says he is not happy with Marcus Rashford’s form but knows he will find goals soon

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Erik ten Hag says both he and Marcus Rashford are not happy with the Manchester United forward’s form this season – but the United boss is confident that his striker will return to scoring goals soon.

Rashford, who scored 30 goals in all competitions last season – has scored just once since the start of the season, with United enduring their worst start to a campaign since 1974, after nine defeats in the opening 17 games.

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32 thoughts on “Erik ten Hag says he is not happy with Marcus Rashford’s form but knows he will find goals soon

  1. The best managers in the world back their players, not publicly hang them out to dry and avoid their own responsibilities. Ten Hag is a bum. No wonder the press keep baiting him because they know he will just throw them under the bus public ally and boom they have their headline.

  2. You can't score 100% of your shots, you can't complete 100% of your dribbles or have 100% pass accuracy; but one thing you can control 100% is your effort. Work hard and you will create your own luck.

  3. My concern is… When one of our own, Ole, asked and needed us to have patience we butchered him and screamed to the top of oir lungs that Ole must be sacked… Here comes this guy who's Man United team plays like it's Sunday league football and we must "trust the process" 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. @skysports … ten hag did not say he is not satisfied with rashford form… he was asked a conjunctive question regarding the red card and if rashford was pleased with himself and form….

  5. That's great that on the day, they can overcome setbacks and adversity. But shouldn't the focus be to play well enough so they're not always in a fight back? And regarding Rashford, it's clear he is NOT a striker you can count on or build an attack around. All strikers have streaks, but he's just flat out unreliable. And when it's not going his way he sulks and pouts all over the pitch. (Probably learned that from the captain, Fernandes)

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