Erik ten Hag rumoured to have lost “50 percent” of dressing room at Manchester United

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Erik ten Hag has lost elements of the dressing room at Manchester United, with players questioning his playing style and treatment of Jadon Sancho, according to Sky Sports News chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol.

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48 thoughts on “Erik ten Hag rumoured to have lost “50 percent” of dressing room at Manchester United

  1. Got the feeling Rashford, Martial and Sancho are just no good for this Man Utd team. They're lazy, arrogant, spoiled and complain when they need to run too much on training. Next thing that happens: players don't get selected anymore and going to leak information to the press because they're little spoiled kids

  2. The 50 percent are English players ..gv them guardiola ..kloop same result..not good enough players..I bet not one single player can play or get a bid to be bought by any top club

  3. Journalism alot of these people are predators like wild animals out to ruin peoples lives. Have they forgotten that if we beat Chelsea at old Trafford on Wednesday then we will be just a few point behind the leaders 🤔 allso we've got the FA Cup to look forward to and to be honest I'd be more than happy with the Europa league this season 🤔 United United United 🎶🎵🎵🎶🎶🎵

  4. These people always blame the manager and not players, players like Rashford are to spoilt come on a Utd supporter nd Erik is a good coach but the players DONT LISTEN!!!! , the young lads deserve an opportunity now seriously

  5. Why the hell are you reporting rumours? It's supposed to be a news channel. If that's you're game you could say there's a rumour that ten Hag keeps goblins at the bottom of his garden! Who cares about rumours?! Sky Sports News has gone downhill recently.

  6. Yep back to the roots, another manager under the bus. Rangnick said to change most if not all squad what did the board do undermind him and the project they agreed. Jose said it too these arent good. I'd rather be paying less to the youngsters and lose with them. Just out these players start fresh like Arteta at Arsenal and give them 2 to 3 years then after to start producing.

  7. Not a Man Utd fans, but reporters can create any stories from ”One of my source” It’s crazy… either tell something factual or open the lid of your source.

  8. Same lot throwing another manager under the bus, easy thing for them to do to hide that there not that talented and are lazy, Rashford a local lad should be running his socks off and cant be arsed, martial dalot maguire continue to be lazy and useless regardless who is managing them.
    Easy narrative to blame van gaal, mourinho, solskjaer etc etc etc

  9. first game in and you knew ETH was'nt the right man ! thats just pure BS……..your opinion on ETH is just BS…..unless certain plaeyers leave this will keep happening………

  10. Don't see any sense in the confusion these pundits and journalists are trying to create. All of a sudden ,Ten hag is not the man for man utd. Someone that got us a UCL Slot and won a trophy in his first season turns out not to be competent enough for the job. Please keep your opinions to yourselves.

  11. Get rid of the prima donna player's we can't keep switching manager.. wat happens when the player's throw that manager under the bus.. there's too much player power at the club

  12. For the record, United have 35 first-team players. Apparently we've got a squad member out there with just one leg enthusiastically wobbling in the "get rid of the gaffer" camp!

  13. Disgusting journalism, call out your sources,sancho should be banned from old Trafford permanently, as for sky they are a joke,know wonder there losing thousands of sports subscriptions

  14. Erik is the right man everyone saw that last season. The hierarchy and the media are the problem of the club.
    Players should have no rights above the manager if owners ate serious about the game, if utd end up losing Ten Hag I believe that will be a clear message that the club has lost it football plan .

  15. I'd just like to know who's got this information 😂 media spinning it again.. None of these media outlets know anything that's going on inside that club. They proved that with the takeover nonsense

  16. When you talk like this – who exactly is the right 'man' for the job? How many more to go through until the players have to focus on doing their job. Why should coaches get sacked. We've has so many different types of coaches with same outcomes. So it isn't the coach. And it isn't the money being spent. Let's get a woman to do the job, there clearly is no man available / who can be the one. So time up – if we have to change, let's have a woman in the job. Seriously.

  17. The truth must be said, players like, rash, Bruno, martial, Miguel, must leave the club if Eric ten hag wants to achieve some for the club. These set of people re the once killing the club, they are selfish with the ball, they all re not working as a team and this set of players re not working together for the coach. He should put them in the back seat, and use the feeders. I bet you all Man United will excel. Think of what Louis Van Gogh did that brought the likes of, martial, rash. As for social media, what is e called, either Carrick and the other guy, they talk trash, let me remind you, one of them was once offered a coaching job, what did coach for the so called club not thing. As for me let them give Erin ten hang time more than 3season, if not man United will make same mistake they make against Louis van Gaiu.

  18. All managers will just go down the drain at man u, the players in that team have so much power it hurts, a bunch of fuckers who are complaining about training, relaxing and getting paid for nothing, man u is not a team ..mourhino said it … Roy says it all the time.. they sack managers for fun. Sheer injustice for fans and the glazers who are coughing out money onli to be insulted Bcos of some fuckers who are not honouring the badge

  19. ​@user-dm2nx4yu5o Chill out 😄 Pound for pound he has been our worst signing under Klopp. He couldn't cope with the premier league, same with Thiago. No one doubts he's talented and in a less intense league I hope he does well but his injury record was appalling. In the end Klopp just gave up on him. He was getting in ahead of Henderson at first but he just couldn't stay fit. In his first 2.5 seasons he only played for 90 mins 11 times. Konate is another who struggles to put a run of games together. Salah is never injured but is said to train the hardest. He just couldn't cope with our league, doesn't make him a bad player.

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