Erik ten Hag responds to rumours of squad disharmony at Manchester United

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag responds to rumours of player unrest within his squad.

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38 thoughts on “Erik ten Hag responds to rumours of squad disharmony at Manchester United

  1. 7 Hag is perfect for United. Don't know why they are on his case, he's doing a great job. Anfield coming up. Hope he lives up to his 10 Hag name. YNWA

  2. '… they want to play like this, proactive, dynamic, brave.' ha ha ha ha ha this man is living in lah lah land if he thinks this team has those qualities. I support him all the way mind you. Anfield coming up. Should be a good watch 🙂 YNWA

  3. As long as you have the likes of Rushford, martial and sancho in man utd team and circles,united will never compete with the big boys and the team will never reach its potential and the thresholds that is expected, remember paul pogba was part of the bad apples that they ride off but the club allowed the remaining rotten apples "sancho, Rushford & martial"……let him cleanse and sanitized the club as arsenal arteta did to the likes of ozil and abumayang, period!!

  4. Using the excuse of loosing at Newcastle WTF 😳 “all the teams that play there loose” 😂😂😂😂😂 Manchester United is not the big club it once was… ah well 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Manchester is deffo blue atm 💯

  5. ETH as much as I like him but deep down he knows that the players have turned on him. This club as a whole is a mess. It’s a graveyard for every good manager (& players) that go there now. Tonight against Chelsea it’s gonna be another painful defeat, they won’t beat Bournemouth & Bayern Munich will tear United apart next week. ETH will most likely be gone come end of next week. Things are very very bad at Man United.

  6. I am beginning to become disillutioned and disappointed with Sky doing tabloid styled reporting. I understand that crisis and controversy toward Man Utd stimulates views and readership, but this becoming an agenda especially toward certain foreign players and managers.

  7. I truly feel ETH is out of his depth and the realisation that Man UTD is a little too far for him… Where is his number 2 Steve Mclaren???

    I mean Steve Mclaren knows the UTD culture and philosophy. Why doesn't he conduct the interviews. It's baffling 🤔

  8. Its the usual manager response, its obvius that the team has some sort of problems in the dressing room. Players body language on the field tells us that.

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