Erik ten Hag believes his Manchester United squad are not good enough to be consistent

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Following Manchester United’s 3-0 defeat at home to Bournemouth, Erik ten Hag has said that his team must improve as they’re currently not good enough to be consistent.

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49 thoughts on “Erik ten Hag believes his Manchester United squad are not good enough to be consistent

  1. cba watching the video, I'm sure the headline is out of context, but on the off chance its not, then thats gonna get him sacked… And yes that alone will get him sacked more than the actual performances on the pitch… Thats what we have become. Care more about pr and brand than actually winning things

  2. I can’t believe this guy came and watched the last game before taking over and decided that his clear out of players had to start the with cristiano and DeGea, while players like mctominay, maguire, dalot, martial, lindelof,rashford are still at the club.
    You lost me baldie🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. You can blame the players to some extent, but how does Rashford, McGuire, Fernandez etc just all turn crap at the same time.. something else is going on in the club, and I think the players don't believe in the managers ways of playing…

  4. So u get asked a question why you don't play like you did at Ajax. Answer….because I don't have the players. So hang on….why not buy the players you need to play your style!!?? The club supposedly got this clown in to play a certain way. Stop making excuses…there's issues from top to bottom but this guy defo isn't the manager everyone thinks he is. Half a billion on players and they should at least be able to control a game against Bournemouth

  5. Declan Rice and Harry Kane were both up for grab but Ten Hag wanted school boys whom he can whip and discipline. Ten Hag cannot manage big players. He is an academy coach. That’s the problem with him and those who still believe in him.

  6. he got rid of the good players in the squad and complains now that his squad is too thin. him finishing in the top 4 last season is mostly on ddgs brilliance, ronaldo and pogba out in one window, he started some drama with sancho, now rashford under fire, this guy is way out of his league. he hasnt gotten in any replacements who have been consistent enough either, his striker that he got to replace ronaldo is on a 12 game goal drought in the pl . arguably in the champions league hes the highest scorer but whats the point we're languishing in 4th place in our group too. this guy is just a rebellious hipster. his tactics are similarish to LVG, Its just rebranded some "transitional football" looks like the transition he means is M to F or something because the players dont look like men doing their job anymore

  7. Let me point out exacly what this manager has done so wrong at this club. First, the principle of building any squad is to start from the bottom, not from the top like what he has been doing. We got a fragile center back, his name is Varane, another who lost his mind, his name is Maguire, and another who is just middle class defender, and he only brought back a 35 year old center back who has been sold away nearly a decade ago. When you look at Pep, Anceloti, Klopp's squads you always see that they will prioritize their defends. They would spend at any cost for the best possible defenders available in the market. Also, the goalkeepers must also be top class on "both" savings and footwork. ETH only cares about irrelevant details in transfer. With a goalkeeper, he only cares about his footwork, not prioritize saving. He only focuses on looking for attackers who not yet show their class or in bad form and it makes the squad imbalance. This coach has no experience in transfer market and he is not willing to learn. That is the reason this club's players cannot play as a team anymore because the gap between the players' level is still widening

  8. We should sack ETH and make Rashford- Manager, Sancho – Sporting director(Fifa department) and Maguire- Coach (he can teach his normal game which is in slow motion, the players will understand the game much better).
    Issue solved, No more Player power. Let the fans know who runs the club instead of the leaks. We can also avoid sacking Manager after manager every 18 months.
    We need to implement this soon, or we will lose them to the likes of Madrid, City, PSG or any other top clubs.

  9. Spent 400m and now he has the nerve to say he doesnt have the squad ,reality is we would be way better if he played players with varane and an actual box to box mid ,maybe dont just play mctominay at cm because "he scores a goal at the end "

  10. And your damn bald head is not consitent too, the light are not sync either in that damn bald head 😂
    Oh btw, i hate people who blaming at something else, didnt you learn anything from your mentor??

  11. But how come we are forgetting that it's Maguire in defense. Even if you give him the best defender in the world, yes he'll have his moments of clearing and blocking but will still conceed many, he's the poorest game reader i have ever known

  12. Drop Onana too and ll believe your words. Hopeless signings except for Martinez. Casemiro and Varane almost leaving in Jan. Antony, Hojlund, Mount and Onana still not proved their worths. Players like Diaby, Pau Torres, palinha, osimhen and others were available. The scouting dept. Is bad but the manager has to take accountability since he can say no to any signings he doesn't want.

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