England out of the Nations League & miss out on Olympic qualification

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England are out of the Women’s Nations League despite beating Scotland 6-0 in their final group game. The result means that Team GB cannot qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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36 thoughts on “England out of the Nations League & miss out on Olympic qualification

  1. Even though 6-0 looks a good score, but Scotland looked broken and England started playing more sideways and backwards passes, maybe forwards were not making the runs, but they allowed Scotland to get on top for a while. That was when they could have scored another couple. I was thinking it is too tight to ease off.

  2. Women Olympic football is more important for them than men, therefore, it should have been 16 teams in total, just like men. 👉 In the 12 teams women Olympic tournament, Europe should have had 4 out of 12 seats (France +3).

  3. Wrong!
    The Dutch scored 3-0 before England then made it 6-0 forcing the Dutch to (again) go into do-or-die for the second time.

    I was simultaneously watching both games live.

  4. Unbelievable that Scotland and England were in the same group. Scotland could have let England scored 40 goals and they'd also qualified for the Olympics. UEFA and FIFA are so…. well…. special…. 😉

  5. Good News!!! Lost the world cup, out of the nations league, miss out on Olympic qualification missed out on women champions league (apart from Chelsea).
    That will spear us a good year or two of the equal pay and feminist crap that keeps getting shoved down our throats.

  6. Thats a tough qualification path. Even those who go through at the top of the bracket, haven’t yet qualified to go to the olympics. The top two that reach the finals can only go through. DAMN!

  7. Team GB versus Team GB 0-6.

    I think Team GB is a ridicuolus idea. How about proposing Team EU to the Olympic Committee then? Finally a team to compete with USA and China.

    Btw, as already pointed out, the correct order of events was 3-0 6-0 4-0.

  8. Now everybody can stop rambling on about them their about the same quality as junior school football and match the men's team as being national failures great being English we fail at everything

  9. There's 195 countries in the world or something like that not everyone one can go to the olympics or a tournament & while it sucks it's the way it is not everyone can go so someone has to lose & they do have several justified ways of tie breaking to try to avoid this type of thing but in the end 195 countries competing in the olympics or even the world cup in every sport would take forever to get through & declare a winner for. Unfortunately because of Millie bright & beth mead and lauren james & steinway there were several games GB/england should have won or at least tied which didn't happen. Not everyone can get a trophy or a chair when the music stops. It is what it is better luck next time. Still hopefully maybe now another smaller team that does make it like belgium or republic of Ireland or Scotland or Croatia or Peru teams that don't stand a chance pull off a miracle & win. Who knows.

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