England ambition is to be ranked No 1 in the world, says Gareth Southgate

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Gareth Southgate says his ambition is for England to be ranked No 1 in the world.

His side looked a long way from that level during a laboured win over a Malta side who sit 171st in the standings at Wembley on Friday night.

However, the 2-0 victory meant England have won Euro 2024 qualifying Group C and are all but assured of a place in Pot 1 for the tournament draw next month.

Southgate is now calling on his side to raise their standards away to North Macedonia on Monday evening. It may be a dead rubber but the England boss wants to see consistent high-level performances for his team to be considered the best side on the planet.

“Qualification’s done,” said Southgate, whose England team were ranked fourth in the latest edition of the FIFA standings.

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34 thoughts on “England ambition is to be ranked No 1 in the world, says Gareth Southgate

  1. LMAO shifting goalposts again!
    When Gareth first stepped in, "it's about meritocracy", "they have to play for their clubs"
    Years later Maguire, Phillips, Henderson still playing

    Now, "Fifa 1st rank is a trophy"
    This headliner will distract certain fans to support Southgate's cause even more.

  2. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous.

    Does anyone think that France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc etc care where they are on this dodgy ranking system? England's squad is genuinely fantastic and the expectation has to be to win tournaments. If that isn't the expectation under Southgate then they need a new manager.

  3. Rankings mean nothing, trophies are required to be a success, that's why we fail, other countries the winners, fire the coach and move on from failure, in England beaten in a semi is success.

  4. England are going to end up like the Belgium team of the last decade.

    A fantastic squad with ~4 world class players who can't crack the business end of a tournament. If they want to change this, then a more dynamic manager is going to be required. Southgate is way too conservative.

    Frankly the only thing that's changed since the Roy Hodgson era is that the players are better now the remants of the "golden generation" (ahem) finally buggered off after 2016 and genuinely fantastic talents like Bellingham, Rice, Saka have come through and Kane has peaked. England go too rabbit in the headlights in knockouts though and this is a persistant problem.

    In fact I wouldn't rule out another Iceland-esque knockout against an "easy" random team who made it to the quarters finishing Southgate off next year.

  5. FIFA ranking? 😄Who gives a 💩? You want silverware or the very least claim honourable finalist. Belgium were ranked no.1 plenty of times. Zero silverware.
    At least Portugal and Italy clawed their way to Euro silverware despite not being favourites or ranked number 1.
    England at least have silver from the last Euros. So not too bad.

  6. Lol why? Does he know you dont get a "We ranked number 1" Trophy?? His ambition should be to win a major tournament. No one gives afuq about rankings. Its trophies that count.

  7. Belgium ranked #1 before and won nothing. In rugby Ireland ranked #1 before the RWC and won nothing.

    End of the day focus on winning a physical trophy as opposed to a virtual ranking.

  8. Forget about it 😅😅😢 with that racism of yours you will not get anywhere..and you will not even win any trophy if you continue with that choices of yours, you don't choose your squad according to the performances but you choose who you love, so football it's not about people you like but players who can help you to achieve the goal

  9. There are positives that Southgate has made, squad togetherness, young players getting chances, but also bthe end of the day, the football is lame and the mentality to win is definitely not there.
    He bottled it against italy, in a tournament where we played the final in our own packed stadium,and Italy where there for the taking. He choked against croatia, and even though kane missed a penalty, he didnt do anything that would make us look like we would beat france in wc semi.
    Hes too boring and defensive.

  10. The rankings mean nothing, trophies are all that matter in international football. Says it all about Southgate, you need to be a great tactician to win trophies, he knows he isnt.

  11. England will never be number one in the world, quite simply because their top flight league is "money oriented". The actual football in England's football system constitutes of only 30% of the entire system

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