Elon Musk OFFICIALLY Bought Ford | HUGE NEWS!

Elon Musk finally buying Ford is a huge news to the entire car industry and ev industry. As Ford and Tesla have been at extreme odds ever since Ford decided to enter the EV market. It seemed like whatever Tesla did, Ford could do either better, or in far larger quantities. Just look at the Cybertruck and its biggest rival, the F150 Lightning!

Disclaimer: This video is based on rumors and fiction.


27 thoughts on “Elon Musk OFFICIALLY Bought Ford | HUGE NEWS!

  1. When Henry Ford set up his first car factory he made most of his parts in-house. Elon didn't reinvent the wheel he copied it.
    His admiration for Henry Ford's in-house manufacture struck a chord with him. Now Elon may become the owner of Ford.

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