Eddie Howe’s trophy aim as he reflects on 2 years at Newcastle

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As he prepares to return to former side Bournemouth, Eddie Howe reflects on 2 years at Newcastle and discusses his ambitions for the club.

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35 thoughts on “Eddie Howe’s trophy aim as he reflects on 2 years at Newcastle

  1. I include myself in this but lots of people didn't expect Eddie to do as well as he has. He definitely wasn't on my list of managers to take over from Bruce. I'm so glad he's proved us all wrong.

  2. I hope Howe wins one trophy this season..and elevates the English as coach into the forefront..too many overrated foreign coaches running the league.. this is English football after all. 🏴🏳️

  3. He needs to pull his head out of his a**, save the self applause, and start making better decisions!! When we're riddled with injuries, putting the 16 & 17 y/o's in against a team that plays as physical a game as Bournemouth is not gonna end well.

  4. Panic panic panic and deluded. That’s half our fans. I’ve read, seen and overheard too much trash talk on Eddie this season especially lately. When with a depleted squad, 9 key players or more missing, most regular starters, 2 defeats in a row and fans channel that into Eddie out jibba jabba. Whereas the half half of fans, enjoy the ride. Fans over analyse and over expect. As if they’ve got it all spot on themselves. Eddie has been the key, our first team have done the work to such a high standard but that doesn’t mean y’all should be ashamed and abusive when we lose. Get a grip! I

    Did I know we would lose to Dortmund away and to bmouth!? Yes! Absolutely. Why? Cause when you’ve key players missing strikers as well this disturbs the flow and creativity and balance of the performance. Not just cos we play lots of matches! It’s the same against West Ham and wolves, conceding late goals!

    There’s a huge huge difference between what Eddie has done so far to what any other manager has done or any manager would do if they came in! A huge difference! Show more appreciation 🤦‍♂️ and stop being utter 🤡 fk wits!

  5. Intense, means being pressured to over achieve, which is THE reason for excess injuries. We hope these injured players are well insured against 'intense' pressure from bully boy Howe.

  6. Good teams win with skill and intelligence. NUFC seems to have a more aggressive style judging by all the fouls they make. Reminds me of the winning Leeds team where the great Brian Clough was fired for telling them their aggressive bullying days were over, and they would learn to use skill, not force.. He went elsewhere to win the EPL in style with skill and good management.

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