Eddie Howe discusses EPL vote that may prevent Newcastle taking Saudi Pro League players on loan

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Eddie Howe has spoken to the media for the first time since news emerged that the Premier League will vote later this month on introducing a temporary ban on loaning players between clubs with the same owners.

The vote, which needs 14 of the 20 top-flight members to pass, will take place at the Premier League shareholders meeting on November 21.

It is understood the motion is likely to succeed and it would mean Newcastle would not be able to loan players in from Saudi Arabia in the January transfer window.

There has been widespread concern the club would benefit from their owners – the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund – having material influence over the majority of clubs in the Saudi Premier League.

The long-term ban handed to midfielder Sandro Tonali for betting offences had led to reports they would target a loan for Al-Hilal’s Ruben Neves.

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48 thoughts on “Eddie Howe discusses EPL vote that may prevent Newcastle taking Saudi Pro League players on loan

  1. Just trying to stick it up NEWCASTLE as usual.
    What about all of the clubs who have been flaunt all of the fair play (finance rules and have and are getting away with it.
    The likes of Arsenal Tottenham Everton Liverpool Man Utd Man City Aston Villa & Notts Forest.

  2. The fact that Newcastle's ownership has been normalised so easily is nothing short of scandalous. Some things go beyond fandom – every Newcastle fan who supports their club without acknowledging that the owners are morally bankrupt has signed a deal with the devil. Any accomplishment from here on in is tainted. All the whataboutism in the world won't change that.

  3. So called big 6 want all cash to themselves and will do anything to stop a reasonable share of funds too all clubs premier league after Everton because they led other teams against this money grab

  4. Saudi may well be spending many many millions but rest assured they will losing probably more than that ,just like the Barcelona s and others who are trading at zero profit regardless of how many trophies won . Ridiculous money in a ridiculous sports world .

  5. As much as it sucks that the premier league are often voting almost immediately as soon as anything Newcastle try to do, at least we can hold our heads high and say we complied with every sudden rule change the league implemented.
    Having said that, it also shows that the clubs squad depth is still at least 6-8 players short of able to compete on 2 or 3 fronts, and that is OK.
    This project is going to take time and money and patience but we can do it, we exceeded expectations last season, we are doing well this season, as long as we keep going out and giving a good account of ourselves we can be proud how far the club has come in such a crazy short time.

  6. the loan ban thing is obviously aimed at Newcastle and one can understand why, but it's pretty much a non issue. the saudi league players will turn into unfit exhibition players in no time flat after their transfers, useless for our high intensity play

  7. Why should we be punished when clubs have feeder clubs all over the world, just because it is SA it makes the headlines – what about Chelsea owner part owning a French club ot Man City owning NYFC? Don't see that and the many others coming under scrutiny do we, it's been going on for years but as soon as we get taken over suddenly all hell breaks loose😡

  8. Perspective: Imagine if Stan Kroenke owned a national LEAGUE with unlimited money for player purchases, and organised bargain-price loans of world-class talent to Arsenal.
    Or the Glazers, or John Henry, or bloody Steve Parish. It simply wouldn't be allowed to happen.

  9. All of these new little rules have Levy's fingerprints all over it. He's afraid Spurs will drop down the table and he'll struggle to pay off the new stadium debt so he spends his days scheming with the other worm owners at Manu & Liverpool(all Superleague scum clubs) to foolishly attempt to prevent Newcastle's inevitable domination of the league with City.

  10. It’s not the premier league it’s the top six pushing this because they are terrified of what Newcastle will become even if this happens it’s only going to slow us down not stop us but the hypocrisy of this absolutely STINKS when other clubs have been doing this for years

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