Eddie Howe calls for clarity on the handball rule

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Eddie Howe has asked for clarity around the handball rule after PSG’s controversially penalty against Newcastle in the Champions League.

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35 thoughts on “Eddie Howe calls for clarity on the handball rule

  1. A manager calling for consistency and clarity, where have I seen this before? 😂😂😂 After you guys crucified Arteta look at all these other managers getting screwed over by bad officiating that you’re gonna all get behind. United fan so have no favouritism towards Arteta, the tirade you guys went on to tear him down is hilarious and just shows the PGMOL is in bed with Sky, couple things go wrong in Europe it’s headline news for a week straight

  2. If Galatasaray didn't get a penalty for the Mctominay handball then Psg should also not get a penalty. Because the Galatasaray one was an actual penalty as the ball goes in the net if the ball didn't strike the hand.

  3. @Eddie Howe check it under article 2.5 section 3 – it is called KARMA 😂😂😂😂. It is funny when Muslim club cries, meanwhile 80% referees on their payroll. You are crying against another Muslim owned club, it doesn't make any sense.

  4. One of the first things they have to do is rename hand ball to arm ball. I know arm ball sounds ridiculous but that's exactly where football and VAR has gone. Not once, during biology lessons in school, was I told my upper arm, my elbow and my lower are could also be referred to as my hand. So what makes football think it can do that? So start calling it arm ball, yes it's a pathetic name…but it's totally lined up to VAR decisions. Oh, and another thing, what's happened to Man of the match? Who the hell has changed it to player of the match? Stick woke where the sun don't shine

  5. That'll teach you Eddie Howe, for the cheating against Arsenal….Ball was off and 2 handed shove in Gabriel's back!
    Not nice when you get robbed is it!
    I believe they call that karma! 😅😅😅

  6. He is the same crybaby as Ange Postecoglou when he lost. Tottenham 1-4 Chelsea, Ange didn't like VAR referees, but he was ok with Diaz goal disallowed and it said mistake happens. Double standards? Same is with crybaby Eddie. Eddie stop crying and move along. Karma happened.

  7. I think most handball situations shouldn't be punished. No player is actively reaching the ball on purpose with their hand in the box, it's too risky.
    Rule should be this. If hand is above shoulder height it's handball when the ball makes contact with the arm. When arm in any position prevents the ball when it's directed towards the goal, it's handball. If Arm or hand clearly and actively is reaching for the ball and gets in contact with the ball, it's handball.

  8. I think VAR issues in general can be solved by simply having 2 VAR officials instead of 1. If BOTH disagree with the onfield ref, then majority wins. This solves current issues that its 1 person's interpretation vs anothers

  9. Our refs and var officials dont know what they are doing from one gane to the next. They change their opinion week in week out. Look at the beginning if the season when players were getting booked for even looking at the ref!!!! Its not that difficult to get a lot of these decisions correct.
    In Europe, English teams will always get cheated because the rest of Europe is jealous that we have the biggest league in the world

  10. Good for you Eddie… Now you know how it feels to be cheated by VAR, I really hope PSG qualifies so you would cry & lament more knowing fully well that you left the competition bcos of that wrong penalty decision

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