ECOWAS Commends Peaceful Resolution of Electoral Disputes in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia

The Economic Commission of West African States, ECOWAS, has expressed its appreciation for the peaceful resolution of disputes arising from the February general elections in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. The commendation was conveyed in a communiqué read by Omar Touray, ECOWAS Commission president, at the conclusion of the 64th session of the ECOWAS Heads of State and Government on Sunday in Abuja.

“The authority welcomes the peaceful resolution of the electoral dispute in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the peaceful outcome of the dialogue between the opposition and the government in the Republic of Sierra Leone,” stated Mr. Touray.

The ECOWAS authority acknowledged the efforts made by member states and the ECOWAS commission to consolidate democracy, peace, security, and stability in the region. Mr. Touray specifically highlighted the peaceful elections in Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, and Liberia during the year.

Furthermore, the authority commended the peaceful transition in Liberia and praised President George Weah for accepting the election results. Mr. Touray encouraged the leaders and citizens of Liberia to continue promoting social cohesion, with a call for continued support from the ECOWAS commission.

However, the authority expressed deep concern about the ongoing challenges of insecurity and instability in the region, leading to terrorism, violent extremism, and unconstitutional changes of government. Mr. Touray reaffirmed the commitment to promoting peace, democracy, and good governance, urging member states to uphold ECOWAS protocols.

In specific directives, the authority instructed the commission to engage stakeholders in dialogue on the relationship between electoral processes, democracy, and development. Additionally, the commission was tasked with making actionable recommendations to enhance the transparency and credibility of elections, as well as promoting inclusive development and accountable governance.

Mr. Touray emphasized the commission’s role in finalizing and presenting the draft revised Supplementary Protocol on democracy and good governance, urging deep reflection on the possibility of an extraordinary summit on unconstitutional changes of government.

The heads of state and government directed the extension of the ECOWAS mission in the Gambia for one year and requested support for the implementation of the white paper on the crisis in the country. For the Gambia, the authority called for the expedited adoption of a new constitution ahead of the 2026 general elections.

Regarding the upcoming presidential election in Senegal on Feb. 25, 2024, the authority urged stakeholders to prioritize inclusivity and transparency while adhering to constitutional norms and ECOWAS protocols.

On Guinea Bissau, the authority condemned the violence of Dec. 1 and expressed solidarity with the people and constitutional authority. The commission was directed to support Guinea Bissau in consolidating democracy, peace, and stability, including the ongoing review of the constitution and urgent defense and security sector reform.


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  1. What nonsense peaceful election

    Useless ECOWAS

    We better come together and fix West Africa before it’s too later

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