“Econ 101” 🎤: Ralph Barbosa – #comedy #ralphbarbosa #donttellcomedy #shorts

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34 thoughts on ““Econ 101” 🎤: Ralph Barbosa – #comedy #ralphbarbosa #donttellcomedy #shorts

  1. That’s not true. The only people that go to people that deal with off the street or people that are idiots. You just said because of the taxes but if you had your medical weed card, there would be no taxes if you really needed weed or really wanted it that bad you would’ve gotten your card years ago I feel no sympathy for cannabis users that buy weed off the street.

  2. i paid $300 for my medical card, it’s good for 3 years. i tell my buddy to get one but he doesn’t. i pay $140 for an oz and i get taxed like $2. he pays $140 for the same oz n gets taxed like $50ish probably more. it’s wild

  3. Dude is funny sometimes but the problem with his comedy is the semantics, when you actually know what the words he’s using means it becomes dull.

    His friends saying they tax too much isn’t literally about the taxes. When people use slang to say someone is taxing they mean the price altogether is more than what they want to pay. Not the added tax.

    So yet again, this is another video I watched of his with a straight face.

  4. I don’t trust anyone anymore , to much stuff cut or not being kept away from other product. I rather pay the extra money and be safe and go to a dispensary. Go one days they have deals it’ll be just as cheap as buying from a dealer lol

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