On this episode, The Shady Bunch talked about one of the major vices that have affected Nigerian youth and how it has become …


20 thoughts on “DRUG PANDEMIC | SHADE CORNER 6 (EP7)

  1. The thunder that will fire those dark corner boys ehn……Rubbish!!! The shocker is anytime I am offered and I say i don't smoke sef they are like really? You do not look it!! Abeg how do they look?

  2. I saw an opportunity for the shady bunch to throw the biggest shade of the year to our able drug lord… I mean there are facts and documents to back it up. Great discussion though! Ayo🫡

  3. Drug abuse only gives you a short term pleasure. But the consequences are grave. Cancers, psychological disorders/ mental breakdown, alzheimer's dusease…just to name a few are long term effects.
    Even Cigarettes that is considered ordinary also has similar long term effects. Premature ageing, unhealthy skin, erectile dysfunction in men etc it's a lot.
    Stay away from drugs please. One thing will kill a man true true but don't hasten it

  4. Y'all started like it's all play and average…but this is loaded with depth.
    Some truths that drive home.

    First time watching and I had to go back to watch again to let the truths hit home

  5. As a physician, I will be the first to shout, MARIJUANA/CANNABIS/WEED IS NOT HEALTHY!! Yes medical marijuana is sometimes prescribed by physicians for the treatment of certain illness but in many ways, the research on the safety and the efficacy of these uses is still unclear/inconclusive. Further (long term) study is still needed to determine just how safe medical marijuana is. As a psychiatrist, I treat a lot of patients with drug abuse and also a lot of patients with complications of drug abuse. Long term use of drugs like marijuana (especially in young people) puts you at risk of developing worsening anxiety and psychotic disorders (among other things). This whole notion that marijuana and other drugs are safe, healthy, and cool is created and publicized by companies and industries whose aim is to sell you drugs so that they can make money. Let’s not bring the devastating drug epidemic that is being fought so hard in western countries to Nigeria. Nigeria already has enough issues to deal with.

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