DR Congo government limits gatherings in Kinshasa over anti-West protests

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has banned gatherings of more than five people in Kinshasa. There were fewer protests reported on Tuesday than on earlier days this week as police deployed more officers around the city and outside foreign missions.

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26 thoughts on “DR Congo government limits gatherings in Kinshasa over anti-West protests

  1. I think, that: INSTEAD; OF: [Having]: "Anti-West": -protests (and/or; any type(s); of: -protest(s)); ALL of the [very]_ -people; should:
    "work together; in -order; to:
    "Build -up: their [very]_Nation And Continent!!"!!"!?-(Building:
    things, together!!).
    "#STRONGer; TOgether -etc.!!"?? 😉 🙂 😉 😉 🙂 🙂

  2. What have the United States France and England done? That’s what you need to be asked they’ve done too damn much that’s the reason that that everybody’s mad at them and want them out and they write the people are right let them build their own country they don’t need France in the United States and England telling them what to do when they do it and let them keep on stealing their natural resources That was times are over the young people of the Congo. I’m not gonna take it they tied they were mom and dad took we not taking it they want them out of there and they are right. Let them go let them go home go home with all all of your all of your shenanigans go home, they’re right get them rebels they have gotten rid of rebels and I’ll try to help seem like the rebels stronger than the people there they act like they don’t even wanna help get rid of the rebels, so what are you here for? Just steel just to steal that’s all they’re therefore Natural resources send them home they should’ve sent them home. Let them go back home and run the dog on games. You gonna pay the rebels to attack the people what they trying to do is take your country. That’s what them that’s what they trying to do they trying to commit genocide take care take care all the people and then all they have to do is just take over that particular country, that’s the whole deal no it has but that’s the reason the rebels have been paid and supplied with arms to attack. OK that’s the game plan to get rid of everybody that protest against them so they can’t steal no more they just want the whole damn country that’s what they want the cargo they want it.

  3. The west and all of Europe and don’t forget Australia want to Congo and gonna try to take it by any means necessary and they deem necessary to get rid of the population and all they have to do is step right out in and claim their part that’s the whole deal It’s just history repeating itself they figured that they can walk in kill everybody and take over and that’s what they intend on doing to do it all over again just going about it a little bit different they paid for that for the intrusion they paid for the invasion of these insurgents to come in. They paid them, believe me, and supplied them with arms, those those are Europe and United States. All of them paid for them to do that to take over Congo. They did that because they deemed that one of the richest states there in Africa they want it. They’re greedy for it and they will do by any means necessary to take it, I can’t stress that enough to take it

  4. Wonder what the Congo had achieved since Independence, do they have reliable electricity, good infrastructure and what about heathcare, is the country free from corruption despite all the resources they have, they have not achieved much, always finding a scapegoat to blame

  5. Since the beginning, the war in the DRC is an investment to western countries. The USA and the International Community are supporting Rwandan terrorists to kill in D.R. Congo and claim to protect people through MONUSCO, which is actually spying on the Congolese army. All this nonsense will come to an end.

  6. Thanks for talking about he genocide in the East side of the Congo, genocide backed by imperialists arms and money and Rwanda's M23 mercenaries to pillage Congo minerals and gaz

  7. But why refusing citizenship to these rwandofone people! Things are too easy: they just need to live their home and lands.
    No use to criminalisation of Rwanda and the West.
    It's time to stop with propaganda talk and face reality

  8. seems some ones plan to keep africa as it is undeveloped .natural and ,wild, no concrete buildings. instead export african population to developed nations. creating mess culturally politically . which turns into ghettos like hoods in usa. for example baltimore ghetto where black majority thrives .

  9. anti west protest while using things made in west. even those suits and ties.cars. phones. etc are design of so called west .i wonder what would protesters keep protesting if they are asked this question >? 🤔 protesters are subjects of game . its interesting how most fail to reason

  10. People need to understand the complexity of the issue in drc. The government has refused negotiation and only want military operation agains the rebels. The rebels claim that they are of good will.

  11. if people in power take this war serious this war can end in 2 year but they're waiting for things to get worst.
    I pray that God protect all the innocent people and bring peace in Jesus name

  12. There are companies around the world that would love to invesr in Africa.The complete failure of leadership to respect the rule of law, individuals rights, and the need to invest in the people and infrastructure makes it imposible. The tendency to blame "foriegn" governments and not government incompetence and corrupt is old, tired, and wrong. No one is buying it. For the record, the policy, as stated by the American State department, regarding the Congo is avoidance due to rampant corruption and violence. Most countries seek resouces and investent opportunities elsewhere.

  13. The M23 or Rwanda, MONUSCO, the USA, and the International Community are all the same and invest in the massacres in Congo. Please stop killing us for the money. Thank you.

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