Does Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have a future at Arsenal?

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Does Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang still have a future at Arsenal after the Gunners captain was dropped for another disciplinary breach?

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46 thoughts on “Does Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have a future at Arsenal?

  1. When Aubameyang did not have that contract extension talks, he was banging the goals in left right and centre, he was doing his job. Since that contract he has definitely downed tools and followed in Ozil's footsteps.

  2. auba literally carried this team since he came of course his perfomance has dipped lately but he deserves a bit more respect and i hope he will work it out with the coach and get back to his best form

  3. I'm sure the contract was the main thing, but Aubameyang is woefully short on confidence these days too. The last time i saw him play, a couple weeks ago, every shot he took was so incredibly weak. No conviction or confidence at all, no power, straight at the goalie, etc. I think a move suits both parties at this point.

  4. I'm sorry but we need a young exciting hungry striker. He never seems bothered, it's almost like 'LET ME GET THIS OVER WITH' its a terrible Attitude!!! The team were building is young n full of energy…Auba don't fit in! We need a new passionate striker

  5. Darren hit it on the head, the contract was for saving their bacon after the Emery screw up. cored goals when there were no other goals coming, he won the F/A cup. Instead, get a "poucher" someone to feed him the ball. Instead, they can't get it out of the midfield. I am a gunner fan too, but I tape the games and only watch them when they are good. My old heart can't take backwards and sideways passes.

  6. This Wreckless Man gets Paid More than Mo Salah, he Should be going to Church Every Sunday an thanking he's Lucky Star's…He Shows more Form on Social Media….Get Him Out of Arsenal in January… Is it Me or is Darren a Class Pundit..Love he's Comment's…

  7. I see a worrying trend with arteta. If he like you, he will protect eg when granit got red v city b4 his injury, thst was the 2nd if not 3rd incident silly decision like that from him under arteta. Pepe tried something similar n arteta was ragging with anger! Arteta should be finding ways to unite the squad n get the best from all parties. Instead he keeps alienating certain influental figures within his dressing room. Its bizzare

  8. As a player who wishes to demand a wage. He must perform. So winning just a couple of trophies isn't enough. Consistency is imperative. Unfortunately, there must be a change otherwise.

  9. Its good im seeing a pattern for a long time people should follow ozil and the other players who were disrespected and leave really if things have change for the better or everyone will leave

  10. Common what are we talking about ..he has done this at every club he has been and is a picture book mercenary… Never won anything except league cups. Arsenal should focus on bringing in players with a bit of character

  11. Auba is soft as a captain. His credit of being the best striker in the league has ran out. We should cash in and bring someone with balls like Lautaro Martinez. Vlahovic i dont think would come to our team. So i think maybe another experienced cheap striker Dzeko like, that can hold the ball. Hell i would even rescue freaking Giroud again.

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