Do Chelsea need to strengthen their squad in January? | Mauricio Pochettino calls for transfers

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Mauricio Pochettino has suggested Chelsea must consider spending in the January transfer window, saying his side “are missing something”.

The Good Morning Transfers panel of Dan Bardell, Sam Obaseki and David Reed had a look at Chelsea’s situation and whether they should buy more players and if so who would the side may need to get rid of to afford those moves?

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49 thoughts on “Do Chelsea need to strengthen their squad in January? | Mauricio Pochettino calls for transfers

  1. At this point, Chelsea are just buying players for their young age and looks instead of their skills and brains.
    It’s like some geek having money and suddenly wanting to throw a party with pure women from the streets and expecting them all to do wifey material things

  2. …he never said about signing players though, he just said make changes… yes they might buy some, but that could quite easily also mean sell players. Typical sky sports for taking managers words out of context

  3. Talking about buying a number 9, i was just going through the leagues all over and football is in a sad state clubs aint producing enough quality footballers

  4. Utd and chelsea need to take a leaf out of Liverpool's book. Klopp changed everything at the club, he bought his own staff, implemented a style of play and appointed staff to locate players that fit that style. He also took a huge a interest in the youths and has pulled them into first team where possible.

    Its not about buying players 😮‍💨

  5. Let the academy players take over. Other than the League Cup we're not competing for anything. And I wouldn't be surprised if results start to improve with young and inexperienced players. But the thing they will have is hunger and desire.

  6. Nkunku is not a striker why cant people understand that , Chelsea haven't had a top striker in years , People think nkunku coming in will change everything and he wont

  7. There is something Chelsea fans are not noticing!
    Players who are signed on by Chelsea were hitherto doing very well at their previous teams but when they start playing for Chelsea, they flop miserably and eventually sent away!.Have you asked why?
    There is something basically wrong with the team which I see as spiritual but the board is not paying attention to that!
    It’s either a past player,a past manager or someone out of bitterness and anger may have invoked a curse or casted a spell on the team!.
    Maybe that person felt he wasn’t treated fairly by the club and is happy now for poor performance of the team.
    Dig deep into some of these things.
    It is real!

  8. They should focus on getting the best out of what they have before they go squandering another couple of hundred million quid on players who may not even improve the situation anyways…

  9. He Is not a great coach ❤. No malice, Lett him ask mourino from FC PORTO.HE use the resources he had and won Champions league .A great coach use the available resources but not how much money. Let operate 9n a fair field of play ❤ have merit because you have money, but again,let play from a fair ground as FIFA says❤.HYPROCRCY❤❤❤❤..BAUNS ECONOMICS.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

  10. Simple answer "yes".
    Chelsea need a World Class Striker, who can actually score, because at this time, apart from Nkunku, who "might" be, but has yet to be seen, they do not have one decent Forward, at this time.
    The other is a CD that can command that Defensive area, because other than Silva, who only pipes up every now and then, Chelsea do not have one of those either.
    I can only think of two Strikers that could do the job and would be perfect for Chelsea, Toney and Osimhen.
    CD….Ronald Araujo, with no others really being available, if the price was right.
    There is Cristian Romero, Josko Gvardiol, William Saliba and Ruben Dias, but given who they play for, Chelsea have no chance.

  11. 35 goal a season striker??? There’s very few players who can regularly do that, in the history of the game. We need to stop expecting top strikers to regularly produce Messi/Ronaldo numbers. 25 is an excellent league season.

  12. Could you imagine if Utd had spent as much as Chelsea have in the last two window's and the criticism they would be getting. Chelsea are getting a pass in my opinion who are sitting in 10th yet Utd are getting sculled in the media

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