Did Man City make a mistake selling Cole Palmer to Chelsea? – Analysis of thrilling 4-4 draw

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Sue Smith and Danny Mills discussed Chelsea’s 4-4 draw with Manchester City on an eventful Super Sunday.

Cole Palmer netted a stoppage-time penalty against his former club Manchester City to rescue a point for Chelsea in a pulsating, eight-goal Premier League classic at Stamford Bridge.

Palmer, who swapped his boyhood club for Chelsea in the summer, held his nerve to beat Ederson as Mauricio Pochettino’s side came from behind for a third time in a breathless game.

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00:00 – Chelsea
01:42 – Is Poch the biggest asset Chelsea have?
02:54 – Raheem Sterling’s improvement
06:58 – Did Man City make a mistake selling Palmer?
08:11 – Is Nicholas Jackson what Chelsea need?
09:28 – Are Chelsea still a ‘work in progress’?
11:45 – Manchester City
14:00 – Akanji stats breakdown
15:25 – Can you be a ‘one position player’ at Man City?
17:05 – Will anyone be able to top City this season?

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41 thoughts on “Did Man City make a mistake selling Cole Palmer to Chelsea? – Analysis of thrilling 4-4 draw

  1. Absolutely not. he clearly wasn't good enough to get more play time amongst the city squad. The fact he celebrated his goal shows how ungrateful he is towards the club that made him. Good riddance

  2. Pep tried to convince him. He wanted to leave. Chelsea are in midtable. City are top of the table. He's not exactly Messi, City have a lot of equally or more good players. He wouldn't even have been this good at City as he won't have gotten that many games. So yes, City didn't miss out on anything. They got good money for a player that wanted to leave and they go on dominating like they always do

  3. Maybe not status wise with its history, but Man City squad wise are like Real Madrid they have good players on the pitch and on the bench. Players leaving is never a mistake because it doesnt make difference to their team and they will get a better replacement in asap because they have the cash and pull.

  4. Sky love talking bull, Chelsea have 2 gud games and jesus there back. They have leaders this that and the other, go back about 2 weeks, and they are saying the complete opposite 🙄

  5. Lets be honest. If Cole Palmer didnt leave City he would be a substitute at best. City have a team that many youth academy players woukd struggle to break into. He left and is getting valuable game time.

  6. They’ve got Haaland up front and Alvarez on the bench. Palmer’s scored three penalties and everyone is acting like he’s the next the Michael Owen. Any young English player has a few decent games and he gets overhyped.

  7. I think he fits Chelsea’s style of counter attacking play vs cities pure possession. He still wouldn’t get into the city side. Foden provides the same if not better quality in a purely high possession based team.

  8. He's looking like one of few who leave City to be something somewhere else.
    Sturridge was hit and miss, Diaz has disappeared, Sancho was good at Dortmund and now in a world of pain at the swamp, Milner did ok at Anfield, Sterling has taken time to make a consistent difference, Eric Garcia is ordinary at Barca, so to Torres, Silky Ilkay probably will come good there, and the one pulling up trees at the moment is Aleix Garcia at Girona.

  9. We didn't make a decision to sell him. We offered him what we could and we love the lad and he loves us, but he chose to persue a role in Chelseas starting 11 and tbh he's their best player atm and looking back at his decision right now it doesn't seem so bad. I wish him the best, I'm happy for him. He's Chelseas player now and we're doing good aswell, so that's that.

  10. Difference between Palmer and Foden is that Foden was willing to wait. Palmer wanted to play. Same with Salah at Chelsea. Player felt he was ready. Let's not forget Lewis Hall was also let go because he felt he was ready. Too bad he can't get game time

  11. He’s definitely a quality player. Should win Young player of the Year award. City already have plenty quality in depth but he may come back to bite Pep one day

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