The power of recognizing your fantasy self in the process of simplifying your life. Not to be confused with actual dreams and aspirations, as you should never declutter those! Fantasy Allison is a sailing, skiing, Manhattan socialite. Who is fantasy YOU? 😀


Sweater: Patagonia (thumbs up for sustainable fashion!)


32 thoughts on “DECLUTTERING YOUR FANTASY SELF | Minimalism + Simple Living

  1. My fantasy self always wanted to have a family that was really close , my real self is my mom died when I was 2 and my father left so I never had a family growing up and now I am a lonely adult …

  2. Lmao!!! You totally described me! I had no clue! I just thought, I was resourceful lately I’ve been question am I a hoarder but, your teaching sounds more like me of how I rationalize about certain items lol….I’m super shocked and soo enlightened!!! My next is that the moment I depart with certain items……something will come-up for me to have kept it and I’m going to be upset that I didn’t keep….uuugh…..I’m gonna soul search because I really do want to declutter of things of I don’t use at all and my mind🙏🏽Thank you – I loved this video!

  3. Fantasy me apparently has these outfits to go out to bars and look cute meanwhile I dont like drinking and maybe go out to a bar 6x a year and id prefer to wear what’s comfortable verses fashionable 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. I don’t necessarily have an item that I hold onto to that represents my fantasy self or scenario I hope to use for in the future.

    Instead I have a fantasy self that I strive and wish to become in the future. I Guess you would call it a dream of mine?

    But sometimes life can be hard and it can be more of a fantasy more often than something that can actually happen.

    However, don’t let life or challenges in this world put you down. Have faith and trust in the journey that your own. When we finally have this understanding I think things will finally make sense and fall into place.

  5. The first time I heard about the term "fantasy self" was in your Alaska video, that is when I realized my fantasy self was similar to your "National Geographic photographer fantasy self". I've been to Olympic National Park and other areas of Washington and have gotten close to fulfilling it. I almost got even closer when I had planned to go on a Norway trip this August, I had an extremely active schedule planned, but because of COVID, it all had to be canceled. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to go.

  6. I know this video is already 3 years old and I'm very late to the comment section.. But I just wanted to say Thank you!! You explained the fantasy self concept so well, and this is something I have been struggling with a lot lately as I've been decluttering. My fantasy self apparently reads alll the books, does allll the crafts, and is a hardcore dvd and cd collector 😅 – whereas in reality I probably only use 10-20% of those items nowadays! Thank you, your video helped me understand the disconnect in my brain a bit betrer and I'm now going to attack my stuff with renewed vengeance 😊.

  7. I totally went through this phase. I blame instagram and pinterest haha. I literally bought so many heels and blazers when going through the paris chic phase and also got caught up buying different holiday outfits….the truth is when I'm on holiday I like zero fuss. I remember I always ended up wearing the cheap tube dresses that I bought locally instead of what I packed…it's crazy.

  8. Going back and watching your old videos… This really hit home! I live in Southern California and I have this furry vest I bought at Anthropologie years ago. Never worn! But my fantasy self keeps thinking one day when I find myself in heavy snow I'll wear it 😅

  9. …Today I wantef to talk about Decluttering your Fantasy Self, I think this topic is so fascinatinating and Ive always been aware that I have, like an imaginary version of me but I didn't realize that it was actually like a 《thing》《term》 that lots of people had until I came across the term fantasy…

    The fantasy self is the person you envision yourself being or becoming and learning to distinguish between real me and fantasy me has made an incredible the process of letting go of stuff, decluttering, & keeping what I really do actually use & need in my life

    For example maybe you have a yoga mat & all kinds of cute yoga gear…but 《you never do yoga》and maybe 《you don't even really like doing yoga》but 👸FANTASY YOU👸 gets up at 6:00 am on a Sunday to go new sunrise yoga before going and having brunch with the girls and..

    👧REAL YOU👧 has been sure for a for a long time now that ☆you're gonna start doing that sunrise yoga really soon☆… just this 😂NEXT Sunday 😂
    😹it's been couple of years😹 and
    💩you haven't gone💩
    〰your yoga mat is covered
    with dust〰 thats your fantasy self

    👧 I ask myself is this REAL ME or is this the FANTASY ME…

    💫If you never heard the concept of the FANTASY SELF👸… I realized that it was a actual thing &
    I acknowledged it 💖 it completely changed the way that I look 👀 at the items that I own 👠👡👢👚👜💄👒🎒

  10. My fantasy self is more my old self. I wish I still lived up north so I keep all my winter gear, such as cozy blankets, sweaters, coats, boots. But I currently live in Miami and I dont even wear a hoodie more than 5 times a year 😅

    I still plan on moving back up north in the next 2 years so hopefully then I can declutter all my Miami stuff 😅🤣 bye bye daisy dukes, beach hats and bikini collection!

    But this is why having a job where you relocate every 1-4 years is good and bad for decluttering 😅 . “Purge it all cause I dont want to pack it! “ “But wait what if we come back to a warm climate and need these again?!” The endless struggle.

  11. My fantasy self reads a lot! (Read 1/2 and put it on the shelf), learns 4 foreign languages (Has a lots of german, spanish, italian, english courses), practises joga(i can't), plays chess( i can't), rides a bike, sleeps under the rent (used once), uses hair and face masks everyday, uses hair styling device, walks in high heel shoes (i hate it but i have these), Has the time to go back to books from college, weights more or less than I weight depending on the clothing items I left in the closet, makes juices, cakes, cheese all by herself from fresh products bought from Eco store, wears fancy makeup and accessories. Right…

  12. I loved the sailing example, very funny and I can totally relate to that image we can get in our heads! I've been reflecting on this recently as I realise I have a complex relationship with clothes that I am starting to understand better. Where I get confused is Fantasy Self vs Best Self, ie I don't want to declutter items that I like and want to wear but have lacked the confidence to wear in the past for example. I think there is a grey area between the two, ie if you've been unemployed and depressed and have only worn tracksuits for a while, it makes sense to have some smarter clothes in your wardrobe to help you get ready to return to work, interview etc – this would be 'Best Self.' Whereas the Fantasy Self would be having lots of beautiful office clothes in your wardrobe when you work as a welder and never need to wear office clothes. I think it can be tricky working out which is which, a lot of denial can be going on in our heads as well as grief ie grieving a lifestyle you initially wanted but now realise you no longer want or can't have due to your current circumstances. I think my Fantasy Self is a rich woman who regularly goes out for drinks, coffee and meals with her rich glamorous friends in fancy blazers. Whereas my Best Self is a freelancer who is also stylish but has clothes that are practical for working from home as well as going out for coffee, meals etc. She's not really into bars and alcohol so she doesn't own many clothes for those sorts of places but she also doesn't live in tracksuits and scruffs all the time lol.

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