Dean Henderson hits out at Manchester United

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Dean Henderson has criticised Manchester United for a lack of first team football after the club promised him the no.1 shirt.

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24 thoughts on “Dean Henderson hits out at Manchester United

  1. I mean I can understand he wants to be the #1 and is upset at that not happening but does he really think he should have been started over de gea who has saved United from being embarrassed so many times?

  2. Well, whatever kind of career he's gonna end up having, he can thank it to Man Utd. He's been brought through at the club, he's been coached for years so he can compete at that level. He's also being payed more in a week than most of us make in 4 years by Man United. I'm glad he's gone

  3. They need to ban the clause that clubs put in to say their player on loan can't play against them. All it does is benefit the bigger, richer clubs and create more disparity in the leagues.

  4. I dont know about Hendo but I never understood why De Gea is so hyped up. He makes mistakes consistently and I can only remember 1 or 2 games where he shined the past few years. But whatever im not a Utd fan anyway what do i know.

  5. I feel for Dean. But he has to admit De Gea is irreplaceable even if he makes mistakes sometimes. He is an incredible shot stopper. Glad he is on loan and hope he leads the league in clean sheets! (After De Gea ;))

  6. De Gea is way too inconsistent to keep, yes he can come thru with big saves, but I'd rather invest in goalie whos young with the hunger to play than a guy that someday he's there and then there's like today's final complete sorry ass performance

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