David Moyes says managers can’t express true feelings for fear of charges

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West Ham manager, David Moyes, was asked about recent outburst from Premier League managers after games during a press conference on Friday, he said “we can’t do it, so you don’t get the managers true emotions”.

He added that most managers don’t show their true feelings after games for fear of being fined and charged.

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31 thoughts on “David Moyes says managers can’t express true feelings for fear of charges

  1. He calling out the media for asking questions and then criticise what they say and call for manager to be sanctioned for answering questions that they themselves posed

  2. he is spot on sky love watching managers lose it in post match interviews ie arteta and pass it off as its all part of the drama and then a few days later are critical about it 🤣

  3. Fans can say something, I think we need a fan forum. The game belongs to the fans in theory and we need to be able to trust in the games we are watching. When we pay the (often exorbitant price) of a season ticket or match day ticked, and the associated travel costs, we want to know that the game is going to decided on the pitch and not by faceless, people miles away from the ground. At the end of each match, interview some fans, not the managers and ask them about VAR, we won't sugar coat it. I'm writing to my MP and asking for government oversight of the game that has a fans forum with permanent members from each fan base. A Fans Council, who can rule on issues and have the power to overturn results where VAR and the pitch officials get it wrong. They could even make teams replay the match if needed with a different on pitch ref and lines persons. All their decisions could be live streamed on YouTube transparency. They should also get to hand down any penalties to teams or players found guilty of acts that bring the game into disrepute, like breaches of financial fairplay or violent or unsportsmanlike conduct. They should also get final say as to who can buy a club and who gets TV rights. For too long football has been a closed shop where fans are just used as cash machines, like that's all we are, football is our game, not the club's, the FAs, FIFA or the players and managers. It's about time you give us a say in how the game is governed. David is spot on btw, a credit to the game, and no I am not a fan of any of the clubs he has been involved with, I just have a ton of respect for him and how he conducts himself, he's a decent human being.

  4. Post match interviews are like stress test for managers….you ask all the right questions, if the manager replies honestly they’re fined….so, it’s better we don’t have such interviews if manager ain’t gonna get the opportunity to speak out…..

  5. Media sponsors sports, to get to ask annoying questions that managers and players are compelled to answer. The media needs sports, sports needs media and politicians need both to manipulate the masses.

  6. If someone went to one of the journalists and told them you are not allowed to criticize someone or ask questions they would start crying about 'freedom of the press'. Which is why when they sit and watch managers getting censored they just try poke the bear and get videos instead of being good journalists and calling out the gagging order which is on all our league managers.

  7. The refs are big for nothing, infact as it stands they're untouchable. So why seek for any information from managers on refs performance. These people are unaccountable and they gain nor lose no nothing 🤔🤔

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