Christian Horner: Red Bull team principal denies all inappropriate behaviour allegations

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has spoken publicly for the first time since being placed under investigation by the Formula 1 team’s parent company following an accusation of inappropriate behaviour.

Horner attended the launch of Red Bull’s new car for the 2024 season in an event at their Milton Keynes base on Thursday.

The 50-year-old publicly denied the allegations for the first time. He has previously denied the accusations “entirely”.

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25 thoughts on “Christian Horner: Red Bull team principal denies all inappropriate behaviour allegations

  1. What the heck is “inappropriate behaviour”? That is vague and smells of witch hunt. Jos Verstappen should mind his own business if he is still interfering. Time to let Max be a big boy.

  2. Red bull boss power play to gain glory from Christian achievement…all the time they were at the background not forward….. everybody knows Christian Horner, Adrian Newey are Red bull 😎

  3. No one knows the truth about the allegations.
    Until they do it’s just pure speculation.
    My take.
    To be a team manager for 20 years and this allegation is the first tells me it’s a person who hasn’t done the job they are paid to do to the standards required. F1 teams set very high standards from drivers to the very top.

  4. The so called "case" is a plot. Power fight. It is very strange that the guy that put this team together is being treated like this. Red Bull company is clearly becoming a mafia at the top management level.

  5. If Horner did something wrong, he should be accused. This broadcast however is PURE sensation, business as usual. Get off Sky Sports News, you suck with this low level journalism.

  6. People are filthy.
    If we were in renaissance France there would be seething crowds waiting to see baskets full of heads.
    It’s the same but different.

  7. Imagine being in control of a company and you're being called out for….. Controlling behavior…….. This is so f@cking stupid, what's this world comming to??

  8. In this day & age I wouldn’t work one on one with any woman without someone else in the room ever…but I’m afraid that is the sad reality of today’s workplace…all started with Me women are angry men wont mentor them..go figure..

  9. This is really poor reporting from Sky, Craig is being a Rumour mongerer and really petty with how he is carrying this.
    Are you guys a serious media house or a petty Clickbaity Tabloid ?

    There are standards to Journalism, I dont know why they are being tossed in the Dustbin.

  10. jos needs to go home and watch his son on tv , helmut or hell mut needs to retire replaced by vettel max needs to learn its redbull racing not max racing the women who has accused horner should be exposed if its true she should answer to the press as well equal rights remember treat woman like men get treated

  11. Finally the world is realizing that there is MAXBUll (Marko and the Verstappens) and the original RedBull spirit which is still honored by Christian Horner. The reality is The Verstappens and Racist Marko are now the cancer killing the Original RedBull F1 Dream

  12. Horner does seem like there is some legitimate stuff going on, he's being super careful with his words. Something is going on, I don't know if it's true, but he seemed worried.

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