China rejects accusations of discrimination against Africans

The Chinese government says it has zero tolerance for discrimination against foreign nationals, and it’s working to improve disease control work related to African nationals. A foreign ministry statement comes amid reports of racial discrimination against the African community in the southern city of Guangzhou. The ministry says all foreigners in China are treated equally, and the city’s authorities are working to provide better healthcare services. Here’s a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry.

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39 thoughts on “China rejects accusations of discrimination against Africans

  1. Chinese people better think twice because Africa has hundreds of thousand Chinese people making money .If we fight back against your people then you shall understand that we are serious. And Africa leaders need to condemn such acts .why are they so quiet ? Youths we better pressure them, if they can't act we shall act .. This is unacceptable..Not accepting what's really??

  2. for the first time USA giving right information, this chinese foreign minister Zhao Lijian should be ashame of himself, how can he deny while theres a lot of proof. no wonder why some african leaders are calling upon their citizens to come back home.

  3. This is the same way white people have always said that there was never slavery that they never mistreated black people Chinese people do you know that they have you on tape they have people from your country on tape abusing Africans

  4. I'm also not saying that African had to stop trading certain goods. But not everything is meat for read and sale. Also not saying people shouldnt trade or deal with China for certain things like fabrics and food art sports deals etc. Not saying that I just mean as far as trusting China is a helper rather than a colonizer because make no mistake there trying to colonize africa and I'm glad Africa is waking up to this. Better late than never

  5. This is Intellectual thinking at the highest order 😡
    Why does no one take their responsibility in this world and blaming others like an fool 🌍
    (With no one I mean no one)

  6. Wow full of racist comment made by Chinese haters. They hate Chinese, almost all sectors of life, why??? Because of their jealousy to China improvement, they can't chase it. They also knew that china support the Africa Nation development, compare to their nation effort to help Africa. Almost nothing to compare. Why??? Because these Chinese haters nation do no action, talk only. That's why, we can see their haters comment in social media.

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