Chelsea without 12 players for Sheff Utd | David Garrido with team news from across Premier League

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David Garrido provides us with team news from across the Premier League ahead of Matchweek 12

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15 thoughts on “Chelsea without 12 players for Sheff Utd | David Garrido with team news from across Premier League

  1. Of course Chelsea make the headline for a game against Sheffield United when Manchester United have 14 players out for Liverpool. It’s so obvious the media are biased against us.

  2. What difference will it make?
    As if they were leading the table spanking every team with those 12 "pLaYeRs"
    With or without them, there's no difference 😂

  3. So that still means they've got like £700-800 million worth of players available – and that's just those bought from the recent spending spree and not even counting the players who were already there (and still are).

  4. The thing is saying "12 players unavailable" makes it sound like they're missing a lot of talent but in reality how many are starters?

    When fully fit their best XI is:

    James, Silva, Badashile/Colwill, Chilwell
    Enzo, Caicedo, Gallgher
    Palmer, Nkunku, Sterling

    (Which is a pretty horrendous XI for a billion spent by the way)

    Of that XI only 4 (Sanchez, James, Chillwell and Nkunku) aren't fit. Which is a decent amount of players to be missing, but far less than other teams are coping with in the league. United have been getting hammered for their performances this season but they've been missing their entire back four at points and half of their midfield/forward line and are still 8 points ahead of Chelsea. Brighton and Newcastle have been hit hard by injuries and have both managed to be 7 points ahead of Chelsea. Spurs have been without key players, went on a 5 game streak of not being able to win a match and are still 14 points ahead of Chelsea.

    Injuries aren't why that club is where they are, the reason they're in the bottom half is because they spent a load of money on a bunch of very average players. This is the new normal for Chelsea. This is their reality and the reality is that they aren't overwhelmingly expected to beat Sheffield United on the weekend.

  5. This organisation 😂😂😂😂😂 man united have had more injuries for months yet all we ever hear is “is Erik ten hag running out of time?” “Has the dressing room turned in ETH?” But if it’s poch, uffff, look at all his injuries that’s the only problem for Chelsea nothing else. Absolutely unbelievable. Pathetic. You guys have 0 credibility anyone

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