Chelsea looking again for another striker with Timo Werner & Romelu Lukaku leaving the club

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Chelsea are back in the market again for another striker after Timo Werner & Romelu Lukaku have left the club this summer.

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35 thoughts on “Chelsea looking again for another striker with Timo Werner & Romelu Lukaku leaving the club

  1. The Chelsea forwards did not succeed because many Chelsea players did not sit down and score at certain times.Secondly, coaches buy players but we don't know who will line up with whom

  2. At least mention amortisation…. You talk about fees and awful business but you don’t mention of how if Werner’s fee is £25 mil they are basically two-three million off being clear on the books
    Do your research please rather than just trying to be negative to Chelsea in the media
    Like usual…

  3. Eden Hazarad 120 mil,
    Oscar 70mil
    Tamy 40mil
    costa 50mil
    Cortoa 50 mil
    Tomori 35 mil
    Livremento 5 mil
    Guehi 20 mil
    And the list goes on….

    How much did chelsea pay for these players?

  4. This is madness. Clubs have come before to get Chelsea players for less money even plotting moves with players with Diego costa but abramovich sent him playing 5 aside with friends and didn’t give a hell. Unless someone comes and pays more money then we paid for you is a big NO. Now lukaku for less werner for less. That’s madness 😂

  5. Did they get a bunch of special children to run this show? Of course its not gonna be a money making season…you fools. Its a transition period. New owners. New ideas. Etc. Are you slow? Don't answer that, already know the answer. Some really stupid remarks. Literally you people don't know what tf you talking about. Anyways.

  6. The question is why are those expensive players leaving Chelsea? It seems that the coach is one of the main reasons as it’s his job to get the best out of his p,Ayer’s and retain them.

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