“Chelsea have advantage if no Salah or Nunez” | Soccer Saturday pundits on Carabao Cup final

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Soccer Saturday’s Paul Merson believes Chelsea carry a big advantage over Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final on Sunday if Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez are ruled out through injury.

Tim Sherwood thinks Salah and Nunez should be risked for the Wembley final if the forwards say they’re fully fit to start.

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36 thoughts on ““Chelsea have advantage if no Salah or Nunez” | Soccer Saturday pundits on Carabao Cup final

  1. This is one of the worst pundit panel I have ever seen, even much worse than ESPN FC who are at least entertaining sometimes. Klopp and Tim Sherwood 's difference is shown here , not that it was a revelation.

    Klopp says exactly the opposite than what he says. You should never give the player's opinion more weightage since they would always want to play and the next thing, you'd get is them getting injured again. The next league game is vital , arguably more vital than the cup final. The saner one in the lot is actually the host of the panel. 😅

  2. Everyone just forgets how much for injuries of their own chelsea has…it sickenns me, that liverpool start injuries yesterday and everyone just overreacts. Just shut up, go in to the game, win or lose like men…and move on. Upthechels

  3. Ppl keep doubting Liverpool.. The team's biggest factor is "The KLOPP" Factor… ppl forget Liverpool beat a top barca side 4 nil with Origi and Shaqiri up top… Needless to say Diaz and Gakpo are an upgrade on those 2… This team will use the siege mentally to come through the final

  4. Chelsea have had injuries all season and everybody speaks of others without that amount so this is totally fair and I enjoy it now that the tables have turned. Newcastle, Liverpool and man u have now injuries and. Look at manu yesterday, brilliant. So with Newcastle. Last part of the season can be fair and maybe great to us! Chelsea! Blue is the colour and football is the game! 🤩🤩

  5. Love how the pundits are making excuses for liverpools injuries. And seven chelsea injuries don’t count ? On the day they can beat anyone. Cut away was close if it wasn’t it for Jackson! Villa away in the FA cup! Chelsea are not favourites but that’s a good thing for them.

  6. Please this is cup final let them recover, put chelsea in a cup final against city, madrid, barcelona they will play their all not caring as long as that trophy is set

  7. The thing is,Chelsea are vacillating between extreme highs and lows that what will determine the trajectory of this tie will be essentially down to which side of Chelsea would turn up today,not the absence of Salah or even Nunez..
    The highs of Chelsea as we have witnessed occasionally this season will defeat Liverpool without question,no matter who is on the side but Chelsea low will easily get beaten by a Liverpool B team.
    We have seen mixed occasions where we won against table toppers in one week but lost against relegation strugglers the next.
    It's a psychological thing,what is bogging Chelsea.Not the absence of quality to frontally defeat an inform and complete Liverpool team…….

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