Chelsea could sell Conor Gallagher in January as they look to sign Ivan Toney or Victor Osimhen

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The Sun’s Charlie Wyett & The Mirror’s Andy Dunn discuss reports that Chelsea could sell Conor Gallagher in January as they look to fund a move for either Ivan Toney & Victor Osimhen.

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48 thoughts on “Chelsea could sell Conor Gallagher in January as they look to sign Ivan Toney or Victor Osimhen

  1. shows how far chelsea have fallen if they put their hopes on gallagher. I do agree he's been your best midfielder, but that doesn't mean he's good enough to play for chelsea (If u wanna actually win things)

  2. The board shouldn't try selling Conor because upon all the big money transfer he's better than any of them giving assist creating chance and even short to the post….and how much do they intend to sell after these two midfielders cost over 200….

  3. Mudryk cicadieo and sanchez all have to go absolutely useless…..oh ye sell Conor and he’s one of our better players….sell James choalabh broja and 37 million for lukaku

  4. At this point I want PREMIERE LEAGUE to give a STERN WARNING to MY clubs owners. Acting soooo immature and against the game. They had to be our owners huih!!! This guy is the only consistent player this season our own cobham product and playing s captain while they plan to let him go?????? what in the bloody hell my club got into.

  5. For me is the stuipest idea cause ever since he got game play I have seen him on a level that most Chelsea players Chelsea bought are not Chelsea board needs to think of this carefully yes we do need a striker but not a striker rated in 10out of ten if we do need a striker we need a striker most premier league clubs are not familiar to 100percent we need a striker they struggle to understand e.g Solanki we don't need to splash a hell lot of money though it's not a problem but for me to get Napoli striker oshimen is not such a good idea cause he is been study and at anytime once to England football he drops later Chelsea becomes a laughing stock so get a simple and easy hard striker who can if eg Jackson fucks up again we need somebody within our own camp that can get Jackson feel like he is been robbed his number 1 spot only than will we get something outta our players cause that is the only way to get them focus and wanting to play rather than selling them lets give conor a chances

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