Champions League round-up: Harry Kane sends Bayern Munich into knockout stage

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Football Daily’s Henry Hill and Zac Djellab round up all the key talking points following last night’s Champions League fixtures.

Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Real Sociedad all booked their places in the knockout stages of the Champions League with two games to spare on a dramatic night of European action.

Bayern made it four wins out of four in Group A but only after a frantic finish in their 2-1 win over Galatasaray.

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19 thoughts on “Champions League round-up: Harry Kane sends Bayern Munich into knockout stage

  1. I swear English media never ceases to amaze me 😂😂
    Since when did they have respect and tolerated Bundesliga??
    Before Harry Lame went there, it was a farmers league but now since their beloved R9 is scoring goals, it's apparently the toughest league in the world 😂😂
    I don't know if it's LACK OF FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE or just utter BIAS 😂😂🤦

  2. Galatasaray defenders: "Don't bother marking Kane, just leave him in 15 yards of empty space in the penalty area". Worst defending decision I have ever seen …. and I'm a Man United fan.

  3. La Liga has such a good league. I think they have 5 teams in the Champions League with is more than any other league, and 4 of those 5 teams are currently top of their group. Sevilla is last im their group, but thats probably on purpose as they will probably still finish 3rd, drop to Europa League, and win that competition. Spanish teams are just so good at this competition.

  4. Sky Sports; where EVERYTHING is "breaking news", they take 10 minutes to explain a 30 second topic, base their reporting on other's reporting, and having no videos or clips so it's just them talking with a bunch of photographs in the background. I thought I'd miss having them available here in the US, but I don't. (FYI, I clicked on this thinking it would be different… but sadly no)

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