Canada Work Permit New Requirements from January 2024 – Canada Immigration News

Canada Work Permit New Requirements from January 2024 – Canada Immigration News

This channel will be a simplified guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Canada immigration process without the lengthy talks.

Disclaimer: This channel is not owned by an any Canada Government Agency or an Immigration Lawyer. The contents in the channel is for informational purpose only collected from Various public domains. you may need to contact an expert immigration attorney for your specific immigration needs.

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43 thoughts on “Canada Work Permit New Requirements from January 2024 – Canada Immigration News

  1. Canada is a sinking ship under Trudeau, don't believe fake news Canada is going through a serious of inflation, homeless, high tax, housing crisis (more than 10 people live in one house) job crisis etc cause of Trudeau .And most importantly PR is not guarantee for everyone

  2. Here’s what’s really going on, the TRUTH about why, and what actually needs to be done about it:

    The politicians currently ruining Canada are allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year despite the fact that we are experiencing the worst housing crisis in history.

    Don’t blame the immigrants-they are suffering just as much or even more due to this scam:
    Immigrants are being USED to pay taxes and inflate the gross GDP. The politicians then prey on the ignorance of the people and make public statements like, “our GDP is up which proves our economy is doing better”. Many people don’t realize this statistic says nothing about how individual Canadians are doing financially, and that it is used to purposely mislead the people and fool them into thinking the current government is doing a good job.
    The reality is, the gross GDP is only up because almost a million new immigrants are employed each year. If you divide the gross GDP by the number of people contributing, you get the only number that means anything.- the personal GDP- and it is steadily declining at a frightening rate.

    I have nothing against welcoming immigrants. Other than the First Nations people, we are all immigrants at some point to Canada. Please remember that before you take any frustration out on the newest Canadians, who are hard working, decent people.

    People who make a living off renters charge more and more for rent as demand rises. Why? Interest rates are up and landlords greedily make their renters pay that for them. Because there is no legislation to prevent this, and a severe shortage of rental units, they are getting away with this. Even in the absence of rate hikes, when there is a shortage, landlords raise rent. Because they can. There is no protection for renters against this scam.
    Also, landlords can make higher profits renting short term to tourists during high season than they can make all year renting to local families. Thankfully legislation is coming to curb this problem but a lot more has to be done. In my town, hundreds of people are living in tents, while a large portion of rental homes are only available when the tourists aren’t here. Who wants to endure the expense and trauma of moving, only to have to go through that all over again in four months so the owners can make more money off tourists?

    *Immigration needs to be put on hold until the housing crisis is dealt with properly.
    *Caps need to be put in place to prevent Canadian and foreign people and corporations from owning more than two residences.
    *Or at the very least, heavy taxes must be placed on income generated from rental properties and laws put in place to prevent investors from passing that expense on to their tenants.
    *And caps need to be put in place to ensure only a certain percentage of all available rental units in an area can be rented short-term.
    *Finally, Canadians need to realize how the current government intentionally tries to fool us with irrelevant statistics like gross GDP. The politicians need to held accountable for their unethical behaviour. Canadians need to stop being so apathetic and start demanding change.

  3. Whats mentioned are not concrete policies but mere guidelines for evaluation of market and industry conditions in minimal wages, terms of services concerns only temporary work permits or visas

  4. So people think canadas a nice place . Work 30 yrs get left with a lied about broken spine and you get 12000 dollars a year to live on.
    Committ crimes and walk in here illegally you get 20,000 a year and all the other benefits as well. Just luring in the next slaves

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