Canada Immigration Plans to Control Number of New Foreign Workers in 2024 – Marc Miller

Canada Immigration Plans to Control Number of New Foreign Workers in 2024 – Marc Miller

This channel will be a simplified guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Canada immigration process without the lengthy talks.

Disclaimer: This channel is not owned by an any Canada Government Agency or an Immigration Lawyer. The contents in the channel is for informational purpose only collected from Various public domains. you may need to contact an expert immigration attorney for your specific immigration needs.

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13 thoughts on “Canada Immigration Plans to Control Number of New Foreign Workers in 2024 – Marc Miller

  1. Let student provide information of where they will stay and Canada immigration should confirm the information to be true/false before proceeding to grant Visas. This will reduce the accomodation problem the country is facing

  2. In 2004 I wrote a somewhat famous article called 'Top 8 reasons not to immigrate to Canada'. In short, the Canadian authorities tried to destroy my life. They made it so that I could not be employable in Canada. So I moved to the U.S. in 2005 and then some years later I moved permanently to the Philippines. I am happy that so many years later videos like yours are saying essentially the same things that I did. I was ahead of my time. I will never go back to Canada. Not to live, not to visit, not even a connecting flight. Too cold, too expensive, taxes are astronomical, no culture, no freedom, no jobs, no opportunities, only modern slavery, worst healthcare system, unbearable political correctness, crime infested/drug infested, xenophobic people, too depressing. It has become a North Korea style dictatorship in the western world.

    Their are many reasons why Canada has fallen apart. But the number one reason is ‘multiculturalism’. My friends, multiculturalism simply does not work. Different cultures do not come together and mix, different cultures come together and clash. The world is divided into different countries for a reason: because people hate each other and only want to be with their own kind. The number two reason for Canada’s demise is ‘socialism’. In this modern era of aging populations, it is mathematically impossible for socialism to continue. The government does not have the money to take care of old people and provide healthcare, pensions and the various other benefits, even with the astronomical taxation that burdens hard working Canucks. Well Canada, you had a good run. Time for Canucks to move to an emerging country. We welcome you here in Southeast Asia.

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