Canada Immigration Minister Big Statement on TR to PR: Canada PR for All | IRCC

Canada Immigration Minister Big Statement on TR to PR: Canada PR for All | IRCC
The number of temporary work visa holders in Canada surged from 337,460 in 2018 to 605,851 in 2022. In response, Canada’s immigration minister, Marc Miller, aims to restrict temporary residency by transitioning some to permanent resident status, though not everyone will qualify. Provincial ministers propose expanding their immigration programs to facilitate this transition. Miller’s plan to limit new temporary residents aims to decrease their proportion of Canada’s population from 6.2% in 2023 to five percent over three years. This strategy includes capping international student admissions and accelerating asylum claim processing and deportations. The rise in temporary work permit holders, attributed to changes in permanent residency criteria, exacerbates the issue.

Negotiating fewer temporary visas will challenge employers who rely on them. Adjusting immigration policies may lead to complications, such as increased applications for provincial residency programs. Extending federal work permits for newcomers and implementing new visa targets may mitigate housing pressures but could result in labor shortages.
Transitioning temporary residents to permanent status offers stability and integration benefits but raises questions about eligibility and administrative processes. Policy decisions must balance economic, social, and humanitarian considerations to uphold fairness, equity, and inclusivity.

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