Canada Breaking News : NO! PGWP Extension & Citizenship Path For Undocumented Immigrants | IRCC

Canada Breaking News : NO! PGWP Extension & Citizenship Path For Undocumented Immigrants | IRCC

This channel will be a simplified guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Canada immigration process without the lengthy talks.

Disclaimer: This channel is not owned by an any Canada Government Agency or an Immigration Lawyer. The contents in the channel is for informational purpose only collected from Various public domains. you may need to contact an expert immigration attorney for your specific immigration needs.

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17 thoughts on “Canada Breaking News : NO! PGWP Extension & Citizenship Path For Undocumented Immigrants | IRCC

  1. Kya Canada Mein anpadhon ki jarurat Nahin Hai hamare pass Hathon Mein skill Hai gadiyon ka kam karte hain India mein Ham bahut pareshan hai kya aap apni country Mein Hamen Jagah Nahin Doge Thodi Si Rahane ke liye

  2. @IRCC It is very much unfair that you have put mandatory to work in NOC 0, A, B as an eligibility for PR. What about the other occupations such as Cashiers, sales associates work in the front line of supermarkets. Aren't those job helpful to the economy? Every worker is supporting Canadian economy not only those who does Teer 1,2,3 jobs. Due to discrimination and favorations in the work places by certain nationalities working as a majority get promoted to management positions. Example Walmart Canada gives priority to the Panjabi indians only. Other nationalities cannot get promoted to supervisory or managerial level category within limited time frame of PGWP. I mean IRCC should understand this problem and consider to offer PR those who invested so much money for masters level programmes in Canadian institutions and working in customer servise, sales jobs as well. Because these candidates have many experiences in their home countries and qualified ppl. Its just because of dirty games in their work places they don't get promotion during their PGWP.

  3. At this point Liberals have to shut down the immigration department, complete disaster Liberal Immigration. Permanent residents for undocumented migrants, seriously??? That s a slap on the face at millions of Immigrants who follow all the rules , work hard maintain their status to get permanent residency here legally. Hope they will vote against Liberals' next election for this double standard

  4. Canada is worstest country now to live….. country making money from student terrorism going to higher so debet are high level country going to be bankcurpt soon

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