Canada Big Update: Canada Extend Work Permits of Some Temporary Workers | Canada Immigration 2024

Canada Big Update: Canada Extend Work Permits of Some Temporary Workers | Canada Immigration 2024
Manitoba has introduced a new policy to extend work permits for temporary residents, aiming to address labor shortages and support individuals seeking permanent residency. Under this policy, eligible temporary workers in Manitoba will receive open work permits, allowing them to continue working while their applications for permanent residency are processed. It is anticipated that these permits will be valid for two years, providing stability for workers until 2026. Minister Marc Miller announced this initiative in response to Manitoba’s request to extend the work status of temporary residents whose permits expire in 2024. The province relies on these workers to meet its labor needs and hopes that many of them will become permanent residents in the future. The specifics of the new policy, including eligibility criteria and conditions, will be outlined in a forthcoming letter of intent. Additionally, discussions are underway to renew the Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement and explore how Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) can facilitate the transition of more temporary residents to permanent residency. In addition to this federal initiative, Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program has prioritized applications from individuals with expired or expiring work permits, including post-graduation work permit holders. Other provinces are also considering similar measures to support temporary residents awaiting permanent residency. This initiative by Manitoba sets a positive example for other provinces to follow, demonstrating a commitment to labor stability and the integration of temporary residents into their communities. As discussions continue at the national level, these policies aim to support individuals while contributing to a more coherent immigration plan across Canada.

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